10 Beautiful Wedding Nails to Realize on Your Most Important Day

Brides must look pretty on the most important day of their life. Wedding dress and makeup might be important, but you should make where wedding ring will be put on look pretty as well. So, here we recommend you 10 beautiful wedding nails to try. They range from the simple to the delicate ones.

Matte Glossy Wedding Nail Design


You don’t have to realize complicated nail design for your wedding day. Even this simple but beautiful idea will do. Use matte gray nail polish first on the entire nail. Then, you can simply finish it by giving glossy silver nail polish on the nail edge. For anyone like pink nails also can go to those page.

Rose Gold Glitter Nail Design Idea


This one is also one of simple but beautiful wedding nails to try as well. All you need to do is to put rose gold glitter nail polish on the entire nails. By simply doing it, you can make your nails look more beautiful than usual. It is perfect idea for wedding.

Rhinestone Beige Nail Design Idea


If you want a bit touch of luxury, you can try this wedding nail idea. You can start by first giving beige nail polish on the entire nails. Then, stick on some glitter at the bottom and stick on rhinestones in triangular pattern. This will do for your wedding.

Simple Sparkle Wedding Nail Idea


Your nails don’t have to be so eye-catching in their design. Sometimes, simple nail designs with a little special touch are enough. Like this idea here, you can use clear nail polish first and simply put on some glitter to make your nails look sparkle.

Pretty White Wedding Nail Idea


When it comes to wedding, there is no better color than white, right? If you prefer wedding nails like this, you can definitely try this idea. It simply has clear nail polish as its base, but it also gets pretty line of white circles with white beads in the middle.

Chic Beaded Wedding Nail Design


This wedding nail design uses clear nail polish as the base as well. However, it is combined with white nail polish and is put on sideways, on the upper corner. In between the clear and the white parts, colored beads are stuck on to give chic look.

Silvery Sparkle White Nail Idea


If you have pointed nails, this nail idea for wedding could be a good choice. You can put clear nail polish first, then white nail polish at the top in triangular pattern. Leave some stripes crossing each other. Lastly, finish it with silver dots for sparkle.

Intricate White Wedding Nail Idea


This kind of wedding nails is pretty intricate in its design. It has clear nail polish at the base too, but white sparkle one is used at the nail top. Then, the intricate white curvy lines with flower pattern are made. There are some silver dots used on it too.

Artistic Golden Wedding Nail Design


You can always make your entire nails artistically designed. This idea for example, has beige nail polish as the layout. Then, golden nail polish is used on it in very delicate pattern of golden curvy lines. This is one luxury nail idea nice to realize.

Delicate Bridal Wedding Nail Idea


This kind of wedding nails is complicated too. You start with clear nail polish and continue with white one for the upper part only. Then, make half flower pattern in one side of the nail with small beads for the bud and rhinestones for its surroundings. It sure is delicate, but certainly beautiful at a time.

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