10 Best Ideas of Gel Nail Design for You to Get Inspired From

Are you looking for a way to make your hands look cute, beautiful, or attractive? If that is the case with you, the best way to do so is to make some kind of gel nail design on your nails.  That being said, there are many ways you can do so. Choosing one needs you to consider how your overall look would be. It has to match your dress, for example. You don’t have to worry though. There are many ideas you can get inspired from to design your nails. Let us share you some worthy ones here below.

Abstract-Looking, Colored Nail Designabstract-looking-colored-nail-design-1

When it comes to nail design, you are free to make suitable design for your nails. Even abstract-looking ones would do just fine. Take a look at the image above! You get the look of mixed green and yellow nail polishes on the nails, resulting in abstract-looking nail design. For such design, you can polish the nails with the mix of two colors on the entire surface of the nails to finish this nail design. It really is simple, isn’t it? But, even in such simplicity, this design idea looks interesting and unique. If you want to see blue color nail art, you may refer to this blue nail designs.

gel nails designs summer

You don’t have to worry. That is not the only nice mix of colors you can use to make abstract-looking, colored nail design. Gel nail polishes come in various different colors after all. If you don’t prefer fresh, green-looking one, you can always try this elegant, purple nail design. Made from mix of purple and black polishes, this nail design looks great with some glitter and used on the tip of the nails. Just make sure you use clear nail polish first on the nail surface to make the nails look sleek.

Elegant, Red Gel Nail Design for Autumnelegant-red-gel-nail-design-for-autumn-1

We would say this nail design idea we have here would make perfect choice for autumn season. When the leaves turn red, it is only good to realize the color for nail design. The image above shows one of the elegant examples you can try. You paint some nails with burgundy nail polishes, leaving the rest polished in white with some golden lines. It is not too eye-catching, but definitely interesting. It would be undoubtedly elegant to have such idea on your nails. It is even perfect one for any event.

Did you like eye-catching one instead? If that is the case, you should use some glitter. Look for gel polish with red glitters then. You can then use it on your nails just like what’s shown in the image above. Focus on polishing the nails at the tip of the nails. You can vary the way you do it, like stroking your brush sideways with the polish in one or even two directions. To finish this idea, you can stick on one/two small silver gems on then. It should make nice look for fall parties with friends.

Beautiful, Gel Nail Design with Line Artbeautiful-gel-nail-design-with-line-art-1

You see, you can always decorate your nail design with some art on. If you want simple but beautiful enough to take inspiration from, you can try that nail design above. This kind of gel manicure designs is simply made by polishing the nails with turquoise nail polish first. Then, use thin brush to make some curved lines art with purple nails polish, like shown in the image above. It should look pretty. Be creative with the art. You don’t have to follow the same pattern exactly. You can make your own, and this all beautiful nail design for girls.beautiful-gel-nail-design-with-line-art-2

If you have long nails with square tip, this design idea would be nice to get inspiration from. See the image above! You need to focus on making the art at the tip of the nails. Use your brush to give a couple of stroke of purple lines in curved way. Use white nail polish this time to make some lines near and next to the purple ones. Then, use clear glittering one to give some strokes between them. If you make this idea tidily, this should be enough idea to make your nails look beautiful and stylish.

Chic, Clear Nail Design with Some Glitterchic-clear-nail-design-with-some-glitter-1

People can always use clear nail polish if they want to. Even such clear color can be made chic with certain gel nail design idea. What about trying the one shown in the image above then? First of all, you will need to polish your nails with clear nail polish. Once it is done, you can use silver glitter powder to cover the tip of the nails only. Make sure you do this while the nail polish is not dried yet. Only then, the glitter can stick longer on the nails to make the nails on your hands look pretty chic.chic-clear-nail-design-with-some-glitter-2

That idea sure is lovely to look at. However, you can do more than that. This time, we suggest you to make the design idea shown above. It is similar, but still different than the first. First of all, you need to polish your nails with clear nail polish too. You can then have some glitter covering half of your nails. To give chic touch on this design idea, consider sticking pink ribbon nail décor with white gems.

Lovely Nail Design with White Polishlovely-nail-design-with-white-polish-1

Just like how you can make beautiful nail design idea with clear nail polish, you can always make lovely one with white nail polish too. Even if white plainly simple, it has its own beauty to offer. Like shown in the image above, you need to stroke it at the nail tips in crossing way with white and glittering clear one. Decorate the border with sequins and silver gems and you are done with it.lovely-nail-design-with-white-polish-2

Let’s make other idea of gel manicure designs with white nail polish this time. For this idea, you will just have to polish the nail tips with white nail polish. You can use clear one to make the rest nail surface look shiny beforehand though. Use mix of white and pink polishes to draw some flowers on. Then, use glittering purple nail polish to draw line at each side of the flowers. Isn’t this idea lovely?

Purple, Short Nail Design with Stylepurple-short-nail-design-with-style-1

You have freedom to make your nails however you like. Even purple design idea for short nails can be this unique. You can see yourself the idea we are referring to above. You start by polishing your nails in light purple. Then, you should patiently draw every single line in the style shown in the image with various different colors. It really is a hard work to do, so be sure to have much time to finish it.purple-short-nail-design-with-style-2

If you don’t want your gel nail design style to only be decorated with colored lines, you can always try this idea here then. Just like the first one above, you will need to start by polishing your nails in light purple. You can have some nails with glitter all over too. However, consider to make at least two nails styled in flower pattern above. Use thin brush and various colored polishes to realize it. For example, you can make a reddish rose with green stem and leaves. Make other colored flowers too.

Pretty Gel Design Idea for Feet Nailspretty-gel-design-idea-for-feet-nails-1

You don’t only have nails on your hands, but you have nails on your feet too. Are you wondering what could be good for them? They are a range of big and small-sized ones after all. So, you need to make them look pretty with gel design idea. See the image above? Start by giving a layer of clear nail polish. Continue with orange at the tip and pink below it. Make glittering line between each color. You can also add a couple of silver gem stone on the feet’s thumb right below the last glittering line.pretty-gel-design-idea-for-feet-nails-2

You can also make your feet nails with many gems. To make your feet look pretty though, we suggest you to use glittering soft pink nail polish to cover the entire nail surface. Once you are done with that, it is the time for you to prepare white and pink gem stones. Stick some of them on each edge of the feet nails. Pick white ones for most of them, with one/two pink ones mixed in them to give prettier look. Furthermore, it would make matching look with the soft pink background on nails.

Starry Gel Nail Design Idea with Glitterstarry-gel-nail-design-idea-with-glitter-1

Sure, you can make your nails shining and twinkling like stars in night sky. To do so, this is the kind of gel nail polish designs you need to pick. Mix blue gel nail polish with glitter powder. Make sure the powder look to have various colors on. Once mixed, you need to apply it on your nails after you give a layer of clear nail polish. Using it on the nail tips will do just fine to make it look like starry night sky. In fact, it looks prettier this way than polishing the entire surface of the nails with such design idea.starry-gel-nail-design-idea-with-glitter-2

Well, you don’t have to use blue gel polish, of course. There are various colors that would be good to realize this kind of ideas. How about using green one this time? Do the same way as before. Just mix it with glitter powder and polish it on your nail tips. You can leave the upper most tip part unpolished if you want. In fact, this makes more interesting look than you might think about before. We would say this can be nicer idea for winter. It somehow has the look of Christmas tree after all.

Pink-White Nail Design Idea with Gemspink-white-nail-design-idea-with-gems-1

Pink and white are pretty much popular colors for nails design. The combination of both make lovely look after all. However, it is still important to know how you can make them so. The image above shows one of the examples you can follow. The design begins by covering the nails with pink polish. Then, you can stroke your brush to make beige part. Stroke your brush again to make the white one. After that, border the lines between two colors with golden glitter. Stick one gem stone to finish it.pink-white-nail-design-idea-with-gems-2

That idea would be nice for round nail tip. This idea is good for the square one. This time, use light pink nail polish to cover the surface of all nails. Then, simply stroke your brush with white polish in sideways manner. Give a line of purple in the middle of the white nail part. Use silver glitter then to make two border lines. Then, as a final touch, you need to line silver-looking gem stones in curved way on the pink nail part. This should make lovelier look that would really make you feel fashionable.

Simple but Chic Pink-White Nail Designsimple-but-chic-pink-white-nail-design-2

You don’t have to make your nail design look way too grand, eye-catching, attractive, etc. just to make your nails look chic. Even chic-looking nails can be realized with simple pink-white nail design. You can see the example in the image above. You start with clear nail polish on the entire surface of the nails. Then, use white nail polish to cover the tip of the nails. Once it is done, make a line in the middle of the white with mix of pink polish and glitter powder. It is simple, but it sure is chic, right?

Now, then, we still have one more idea to get inspired from here. To realize this idea, you will have to mix white and pink nail polishes. The mix would result in soft pinkish white look on nails. Use the mix on the entire surface of the clear gel nails. Make statement by using pink glitter that has been mixed with clear gel polish to make heart pattern in the middle of the nail. Then, stick around 4 purple gem stones on that heart pattern. You can apply this idea to the rest of the nails if you want.


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