10 Chic Arts of Black Matte Nails that Work Great to Inspire You

Do you want to make your fingers look beautiful? If that is what you have always wished for, one of the best ways to do so is to decorate them with beautiful nail arts. That being said, there are too many nail arts you can take inspiration from out there. If you prefer black matte nails though, we have 10 chic arts for you to take into account here. Let us tell you how they look like here in this opportunity. Here we go then.

Black Matte Nail with Glossy Artblack-matte-nail-with-glossy-art-1

The first art we have here does look pretty chic even at first glance. However, its design is not as complicated as you think, actually. All you need to do to make one is to start by polishing your nails in total black matte. Of course, in itself, black matte art might not look beautiful yet. So, you have to add a little touch of art on it. In this case, we suggest you to make glossy art here. Use the brush to polish curvy black glossy line like shown in the image we provide for you above, if you need to remove acrylic nails at home please refer to those page.black-matte-nail-with-glossy-art-2

When it comes to nail arts like this though, you don’t have to make the art exactly the same as that if you don’t like. There are various ways you can take for it. The second image above is one example of it. Rather than making curvy lines, you can always stroke your brush to make those stripes like shown in the image above. This way, even when it is in black matte; it can still look eye-catching with some glossy touches you put on it. Of course, it would beautify your nails more and also if you want to remove fake nails you can refer to this page.

Black Matter Nail with Glequin Artblack-matter-nail-with-glequin-art-1

Using two kinds of nail polish is not the only thing you can do to decorate your nails. How about trying this nail art then? It is other chic idea great to consider. Of course, you will have to start with black matte nail polish to paint the nails. Be sure to cover the entire nails like shown in the image above. Yes, they don’t look interesting yet this way. That is why you need to give some chic touches on them. Well, sure we are not going to use black glossy nail polish again here.black-matter-nail-with-glequin-art-2

This time, we suggest you to use Glequin here. Glequin are composited from the words glitter and sequin. They appear to be shiny glitter powder sheets in various shapes, sizes, and colors. For this nail art though, we suggest to look for ones in diamond shape. Prepare 4 of them for each nail and stick them on your nails in diamond pattern too, like shown in the image above. See? With that, your nails will become more beautiful and girly to look at. It is nice one to try, isn’t it?

Black Matter Nail with Square Artblack-matter-nail-with-square-art-1

If you don’t like using Glequin, you can always be creative by simply using two kinds of nail polish. You don’t have to worry for we are not going to make black matte nails with the same art as the first option we have earlier. For this idea though, we want you to use two matte polishes with different level of blackness. Like shown in the image above, you need to paint your nails in black matte that has low blackness level compared to the other one first. Paint your nails entirely.black-matter-nail-with-square-art-2

Once you are done with that, it is the time for you to use the other nail polish. Using one with higher level of blackness will make visible art even in the same color. So, here why not making square art with it then? Like shown in the image above, you can make 3 squares on one side of the nail and 2 squares on the other side of it. Doing this, you will seem to paint squares in two black matte colors. You can design stripes for some nails too to make better nail art with chic design.

Black Matte Nail with Gold Tip Artblack-matte-nail-with-gold-tip-art-1

Let’s try other nail polish color here. You see, black is one of flexible colors available. It can work with just any color, making it easy to pair it with in the design. This nail art is one chic example you can be sure to consider. Since we are talking about black matte art here, of course you need to start by painting your nails entirely in black matte. You see, among the colors you can choose to pair the black with, we highly suggest you to choose gold nail polish. See the image above.black-matte-nail-with-gold-tip-art-2

Yes, the use of black matte and gold colors are the best to make chic, elegant look on your nails. Store your brush with this polish color at the tip of your nails and form crescent shape. This simple art alone is enough to make your hands look beautiful. Speaking about the gold polish, you can use both matte like shown in the first image and glossy one like shown in the second image above. Either way, they still make perfect pair to realize this black matte nail idea we have here.

Black Matte Nail with Gold Stud Artblack-matte-nail-with-gold-stud-art-1

You see, different color, matte/glossy kind, and Glequin are not the only things you can use to decorate your nails. There are various things you can use, actually. However, this time we want to show you how nail art looks like with studs on. Of course, even studs do come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So, here, we would like to suggest you to use square and round ones. You can always use square stud alone at the nail tip just like in the first image we have above.black-matte-nail-with-gold-stud-art-2

That design alone is chic enough for you to realize. However, if you don’t think so, why not trying the design idea of the second image above then? We will use both square and round studs here. Use the square stud on top of two nails, while round one for the rest. Like the design of black matte nails above, you can stick golden studs at the nail tip or one side of the nails. With them on black matte layout, your fingers will shine and glitter beautifully. Isn’t this chic design idea to try?

Black Matte Nail with Sticker Artblack-matte-nail-with-sticker-art-1

You don’t have to use the studs if you don’t even like them. We still have other option that is just great to choose. As a note, this nail art we recommend here is best realized for long and pointed nails. It looks way more beautiful than in short and bulky nails after all. Even with black matte color alone, long and pointed nails are already chic to look at. You can see it yourself from the image above. However, we are not going to make your nails all black matte like that.black-matte-nail-with-sticker-art-2

You can have your 2 to 3 nails painted in black matte. However, consider painting one in matte gray. This should make nice color hue for your hands. You are not done yet here. This time, have your nail designed with nail sticker that has black artistic pattern on like what you see from the image above. With that, your fingers will have more character. You don’t even have to draw the pattern manually. So, you should be able to get this done in no time. Don’t you think it is nice to try?

Black Matte Nail with Gold Dot Artblack-matte-nail-with-gold-dot-art-1

Indeed, there seems to be no limit in the design when it comes to black matte nail design. Take a look at the image above. Isn’t that pretty for simple nail art? It starts with black matte as the foundation. Then, you can simply make big brown dots from the top to one side of the nail. To match the color hue, you need to make a line of smaller golden dots right in front of the brown ones. Well, of course, this is not the only way you can follow when making such kind of designs.black-matte-nail-with-gold-dot-art-2

The design seen in the second image above can be another choice to consider. Like the first image, you use black matte as the foundation. However, instead of making dots on one side of the nails, we make it sideways here. Furthermore, we use yellow and gold nail polishes to make the dots instead of brown and gold ones. Either way, both uses of two colors are just great on black matte layout. Especially in dot pattern, they would make chic nail idea that glitters nails beautifully.

Black Matte Nail with Glossy Strip Artblack-matte-nail-with-glossy-strip-art-1

If you don’t want too eye-catching design and prefer simple but chic one instead, this idea of black matte nails might just be the best choice for you. From the image above, you must have thought that this idea really is simple. However, you should not be able to deny that it is nice-looking at the same time. All you need to do to realize it is to simply paint the nails in black matte first. We are talking about black matte art after all, so it is a must to have black matte as the layout.black-matte-nail-with-glossy-strip-art-2

Once you are done with the layout, you can simply make strip of glossy black nail polish at the top of each nail, like seen in the image. Then, with that, you are done realizing this design idea. Yes, it is undoubtedly simple one to make, but it is definitely not bad choice to choose. Besides the chic look it has, you can get your nails done in no time with such simplicity. There will be no need to spend hours to just decorating your nails. This makes perfect choice if you are in hurry.

Black Matte Nail with Silver Tip Artblack-matte-nail-with-silver-tip-art-1

When it comes to black, surely white hues would clearly make perfect pair, right? If you like this pair of two colors, we suggest you to try this nail idea. You can realize that nail art above by painting with black matte polish first as the foundation. Once it dries, you can start painting the tip of the nails with white nail polish. It should result similarly to the image shown above. What about it then? Do you think it is chic enough for you? If not, you can always try other chicer hue.black-matte-nail-with-silver-tip-art-2

In this case, we suggest you to use silver nail polish. The way you realize this nail art is just the same as you realize the one with white nail polish above. You start with black matte nail polish. Then, at the tip of the nails, you put on silver nail polish. Be sure to make it tidily in triangle shape like seen in the image. For those who have white skin, this nail art would make your fingers look all the more beautiful. You don’t even have to put on glittering studs or others to make it chic.

Black Matte Nail with Glitter Artblack-matte-nail-with-glitter-art-1

The last nail art we have here is beautifully grand in its design. It should make perfect choice for formal party. Why, of course, it is because we are going to use golden glitter after all. Pairing with black layout, this nail art would look so elegant on your nails. If you don’t want them to look too grand, you can try the nail art seen in the image. It has black matte as its layout. However, triangular golden glitter is made to be pretty slim and straight, yet it is still nice to look at.black-matte-nail-with-glitter-art-2

If you do want it to be grand though, you can simply realize this nail art in grander way. Did you see the image above? There is nothing hard for you to realize this idea. All you need to do is to make the triangular golden glitter art in the middle of the nails to be bigger. This way, they could catch people’s attention, while complimenting your look even more. Now, then, aren’t they chic black matte nails to realize? Even black matte color can look attractive these ways.

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