10 Cute Nail Ideas to Beautify Girls’ Nails in the Most Interesting Way

Do you want your nails to look cute? If so, you can always make them so by making cute nail ideas on them. We have 10 of them for you to choose. They are undoubtedly the ones that are very interesting to look at. Don’t you want to know about them? Let’s see how they look like here.

Cute Strawberry Nail Design Idea


This nail idea is pretty common but still pretty favored by many girls for its cuteness. You start by putting clear nail polish, then put pink one at the uppermost part of the nail. Continue with making green line and double stripes. Finish with some white dots. If you need refference for wedding nails please visit those page.

Sunset Palm Tree Nail Design Idea


Trying gradation nail polish would be nice as well. Cute nail ideas like this for example have gradation of sunset colors with red, orange, and yellow. Adding silhouette of palm tree with black nail polish makes it all the more dramatic and scenic on nails and for girls that likes pinky pinky nails please refer to those page.

Cracked Purple Nail Design Idea


This nail design idea is pretty simple to realize. It has cute purple as its base color. What makes it all the more interesting is because there is cracked pattern made on it. You can simply make it with black nail polish to make this nail idea look more amazing.

Pink Stripped Cute Nail Design


This one is another common pattern to make on nails. You start by putting pink nail polish for cute touch. Then, put white one sideways to cover half part of the nail. Make black line in between and black stripes on white part. Stick on some beads to finish it.

Purple White Cute Nail Design


This kind of cute nail ideas varies in its pattern. There are plain purple and white. However, there are others designed to have horizontal and vertical stripes of both colors. Not to mention, it looks cuter with the purple one having white dots on to decorate it.

Cute Flower Nail Design Idea


When it comes to cute things, flower pattern must have included within. This cute nail design for example, might have other nails in plain deep green. However, there is one nail with white layout having colorful small flowers decorated on for cute touch.

Glitter Flower Nail Design Idea


This cute idea of nail is nicely cute but beautiful at the same time as well. It starts with clear nail polish then crescent black pattern is made before reddish glitter is put on at nail top. With the addition of purple flower pattern, this idea looks great.

Black White Purple Nail Idea


It is not that hard to make this kind of cute nail ideas. You start by purple nail polish as the base. Then, give black nail polish sideways in each of two corners at the top. Give white lines and dots in between the two colors. Stick on one rhinestone to finish it.

Minnie Mouse Red Nail Design


Making Minnie Mouse pattern on nails can be cute idea too. You can vary the pattern with plain red having white dots or triple dots resembling Minnie Mouse’s head. You can make it with black and white colors too or make red ribbon decorated in white dots.

Sparkle Blue Nail Design Idea


This is also one kind of cute nail ideas, but it has quite sparkle touch on it. It starts with clear nail polish as the base. In sideways, blue nail polish with white flower pattern is made. For more sparkling look, silver and blue rhinestones are stuck in between. It is cute and beautiful at a time.

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  • […] The second idea requires you to combine 2 different colors, too. However, what you need in this glitter nail art are blue and melon red. Starts from the little finger, paint the pole with red whereas the tip is blue. The red polish needed is red that looks like melon whereas the blue needed is glitter blue. Continues to ring finger, you should apply the contrary where the pole is glitter blue and the tip is melon red. You can continue it until your thumb and another hand. This nail art can make you look younger, also cute nail ideas designs. […]

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