10 Most Beautiful Pedicure Designs

Nail art is not only for finger nails but also toe nails. If finger nail art is called as manicure, toe nail art is called as pedicure. Pedicure is very important especially for girls who do not like wearing shoes. So, their toe nails must look as beautiful as possible. Pedicure affects girl’s beauty so that there are many women who pay attention to this so much. There are many pedicure designs that you can try. Here are the best design ideas that can inspire you all.

Blue Glitter Pedicure

This is the first pedicure that I suggest. I choose light blue color because it feels soft and looks very chic. This toe nail art is also appropriate for every girl. The glitter makes it glowing especially in the dark or night.blue-glitter-pedicure-1

To follow this pedicure, just apply simple nail coat first. Then, paint with glitter light blue nail polish. After that, add some glitter white like the picture above. Lastly, finish with a top coat. You can go with this confidently, especially with black matte nails.

If the first design offers light blue, this second design uses dark blue. Besides, it also offers 2 different dark colors. They are glitter dark blue and glitter dark purple. The combination of both will look very elegant and luxurious.blue-glitter-pedicure-2

This blue glitter pedicure is not difficult to follow. Firstly, apply a nail coat on your toe nails evenly. Then, paint the toe nail tips with glitter blue. After that, add glitter purple on your toe nail bases. Lastly, finish it with a top coat to keep it durable, and you can refer to this page for removing acrylic nails at home.

Polka Dots Pedicure

Polka dots also belong to the best toe nail art designs. I will give you 2 examples. The first design idea combines blue and white polishes. You can see the result in the picture below.polka-dots-pedicure-1

If you are interested in it, firstly you should paint your toe nails with blue polish. After that, create some polka dots with white polish with a nail pen. To keep it durable, finish it with a top coat. After it dries, you can enjoy this pedicure all day.

This is the second design. It uses black and white combination colors. It does not only offer polka dots design but also adds flower accents. Of course it looks cute and chic.polka-dots-pedicure-2

To follow this pedicure, you can start it by painting your toe nails with white polish. Then, create some polka dots with black polish. You should also create a flower design on your thumbs. For more detail, you can look at the picture above.

Ombre Toe Nail Design

Ombre is one of the best paint art designs. It will be great not only for finger nails but also toe nails. As we know, ombre combines 2 or 3 colors. In this design, it only requires 2 similar colors. They are light pink and pink. These colors are combined with the right gradation and it will create a beautiful combination.ombre-toe-nail-design-1

This simple idea becomes one of the most beautiful pedicure designs that you must try. You can create this ombre design easily. However, you have to make sure that you apply a toe nail coat first and then finish with a top coat.

Still related to pink color, the second ombre design uses purple to combine it. This combination looks darker but makes you look much more elegant. So, if you like something elegant, you must try this pedicure.ombre-toe-nail-design-2

All what you need to do is to paint your toe nail bases with purple polish first. Then, combine it with pink on your toe nail tips with such gradation like the picture above. Finish it with a top coat. After it dries, you can go with this pedicure.

Floral Toa Nails

Floral always becomes one of the most beautiful art designs. It cannot only be used for walls, papers, etc but it can also be used on toe nails like what you can see in the picture below. You should not try too complex design. The following simple design is beautiful enough for you.floral-toe-nails-1

What you all need to follow this idea is to paint your toe nails with purple polish evenly. Then, use yellow and green nail pen to create the flower design. You can only create the flower design on your toe thumb only because it has the larger nails.

If you want more beautiful floral design, you can try the following design idea. It combines three different colors of nail polish. They are light blue, white and pink. Different from the first idea, it requires you to create many flower details, not only on your toe thumb. Anyway, it belongs to one of the most chic toe nail art design ideas.

To follow this pedicure, you can start it by painting white polish. Then, draw some simple flowers with pink nail polish. After that, add some accents with light blue polish like the picture above. This sweet and cute pedicure is really attractive for you to try.

Beach Palm Pedicure

There are many beautiful pedicures and this idea can be one of the most beautiful ones. This is inspired from the beauty of beach palm. So, you can include it on your pedicure. This beautiful pedicure is easy to follow and you can make DIY at home.beach-palm-pedicure-1

Firstly, paint your toe nails with light blue polish. Then, draw beach palm using green polish. You also need to use silver and dark blue polish to add such wave accents. After that, draw the sun design with yellow and black nail polish pen.

Beach palm idea looks fresh and beautiful. At a glance, the design below looks more complex. However, it is actually not difficult to follow so that you can design it at home by your own. Just prepare black, light blue, white, and yellow nail polish colors and you can practice this pedicure.


Start it by painting your toe nails with light blue polish. Then, draw the shadow of beach palm with black polish. After that, create some wave effects using white polish. Lastly, create the sun design using yellow nail polish. Finish it with a top coat and you can see how beautiful it is.

Heart Pedicure Design

This is the next idea of pedicure designs that I suggest to you all. Heart is always good for art design. Heart is identical to pink or red color. In this pedicure, we will use pink polish combined with white and black.heart-pedicure-design-1

All you need is to paint your toe nails with pink polish first except your toe thumb. For the toe thumb, use white polish to paint it. Then, create such design with black polish on the toe thumb. After that, draw heart shape using pink polish on it. Lastly, finish it with a top coat.

The second design idea looks simpler and more natural because it only uses plain coat and black polish. However, the result is really chic like the picture below.heart-pedicure-design-2

You need to start it with transparent coat on your nails. Then, paint your toe thumb using white polish evenly. After that, create heart shapes on your toe thumb with black nail pen carefully. You can also add heart shape on your toe finger nail. To finish this pedicure, use a top coat and it will be more durable.

Toe Nail Arts with Beads

In pedicure design ideas, we should not use nail polish only. However, you can also add some emblements. There are many kinds of emblements that you can apply. One of the most beautiful ideas is bead. Usually, girls will apply many beads for their pedicure.toe-nail-arts-with-beads-1

What you need to do to follow this pedicure is to paint your toe nails with grey polish first. Then, you should adhere to some beads on the bases of your toe nails tidily. This idea is simple, is not it? So, if you are interested in it, you can practice it by your own.

You can also try other ideas. The beads should also not use one kind of color. The beads can also be adhered to other parts of your toe nails. The picture below may be able to inspire you all.toe-nail-arts-with-beads-2

This is easy to follow. Firstly, apply nail coat evenly. Then, paint your toe nail tips with white polish tidily. After that, continue to add some silver and gold beads between the bases and tips of your toe nails in curved design. To keep the beads in place, finish it with a top coat.

Pedicure Designs with Rhinestones

Still related to emblements for pedicure, rhinestones also become a good idea. It becomes the most common emblements used. Rhinestones also have various colors to choose and apply. So, you can choose them depending on your desire.pedicure-designs-with-rhinestones-1

To follow this idea, you need to paint your toe nails with glossy purple nail polish first. After that, add rhinestones with various colors such as red, purple, pink, on your toe thumb. You can also add the rhinestones on other toe nails depending on your desire. It is really amazing, is not it?

The second idea of rhinestones emblements for your pedicure is more glamorous. However, it needs more rhinestones to apply. Anyway, the result will be really satisfying and amazing. You can see below how elegant it is.pedicure-designs-with-rhinestones-2

If you are interested in it, what you all need to do is to paint your toe nails using white polish first. Then, add some rhinestones with various colors. You have to maintain it carefully because it uses high class jewelry. The rhinestones are added on all of the toe nails.

Halloween Toe Nail Art

Sometimes, toe nail art is adjusted to a certain moment. For example, the following ideas are great for Halloween nights. Of course, you need to bring scary designs. Just choose the ideas below based on your desire.halloween pedicure designs

This Halloween pedicure is easy to follow. You just need to paint your toe nails evenly with different colors. For your right toe thumbs, use pink polish and create squash design on it. For your left toe thumb, use black polish and then draw spider net with white polish.

This idea below can also be tried. It is simpler than the first one because it only uses two colors. They are white and black. It brings skull design for this Halloween pedicure. You can practice it at home by your own.halloween-toe-nail-art-2

To follow this Halloween pedicure, start it with white nail polish on your toe nails evenly. After that, create skull design on your toe thumb. For the other toe nails, create stripes with black polish. Finish it with a top coat to keep it durable.

Pedicure Ideas for Kids

The last design is for kids. So, the design should be cute and simple. Besides, it should also be colorful. The example below is really recommended for your little girl. In this design, the nail polish colors you need are yellow, light blue, pink, orange, lime green, and black.pedicure-ideas-for-kids-1

If you want to practice this pedicure, firstly, paint your toe nails with different polish colors as you want. Then, create smile design on your toe thumb and other small accents or details on the other toe nails. Lastly, finish it with a top coat.

The second idea for kids’ pedicure can be seen on the following picture below. It is also colorful with ombre style. I am sure that your little girl will look really cute with it. So, you have to try following this pedicure idea.pedicure-ideas-for-kids-2

To practice this cute pedicure idea, you have to combine various colors including blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink. You can follow the idea above or you can make it based on your desire. It is easy and chic, is not it?

That is all the pedicure designs that I can suggest to you all. You can choose the best one from those design ideas. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for girls to find the most appropriate pedicure. From those options, which one will you try?

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