10 Most Impressive Prom Nails

Girls always pay attention to their appearance, especially when attending a party because everyone will look at their appearance. They want to look perfect as detail as possible including their nails. That is why girls need nail arts. However, nail arts should be adjusted to the moment. You should also plan it properly. For party, you can consider prom nails. Usually, the nail arts look elegant. We have some examples of them. Here are the best ideas to try:

Caviar Tip Nail Art

This nail art looks very elegant. It combines dark purple and crystal beads that make it very perfect for prom. This nail art is not only appropriate for young girls but also moms. With this nail art, you will be very impressing.caviar-tip-nail-art-1

This is easy to apply. You just need to paint 2 navy coats wholly on all of your nails. Then, dip gently your wet nails with crystal beads. Continue to apply a topcoat to keep in place the crystal beads. To add the attractiveness, apply cuticle tattoos on your ring finger like the picture above. Do the same for another hand.

Another variation of this nail art can be seen below. It looks more glamorous with darker and more beads. Besides that, the beads also have more various colors. Anyway, it is also perfect for dance or other parties.


This is also easy to follow. If you are interested in it, you should apply the coat first. After that, apply crystal beads with various colors on the tips of your nails. Make sure that the crystal beads are applied curvedly and evenly on your nail tips. To keep the beads in place, finish it with a topcoat. It also protects and makes the nail polish more durable.

Shimmer Triangle Nail Design

This is the next nail art idea. Shimmer triangle makes you look very beautiful. It is also appropriate to be combined with some accessories like rings and bracelets. This nail art combines gold and blue color that creates a perfect combination. So, everyone will be impressed to you. That is why it is recommended so much for prom.shimmer-triangle-nail-design-1

That nail art is very beautiful but simple to follow. It is better for you who have longer nails. Firstly, just start it with a base with metallic gold color. Leave it for a few minutes until it dries. Once it dries, create triangle stencils at every base of your finger nails with dark blue nail polish like the picture above. It is very amazing, is not it? To make it durable, finish it with a topcoat. Let it dry and you can go confidently.

If you want to try another shimmer triangle nail design, you can look at the picture below. It applies more triangles. It also uses the brighter blue polish. However, it still comes with the same metallic gold base. So, you can choose which one is more appropriate for your style and spring nails designs.


You can apply this nail art simply. Just start with the metallic gold base. Apply it on your finger nails evenly. When it dries, add sky blue nail polish with triangle designs like the picture above. You can see how beautiful it is. So, are you interested in it?

Metallic Starburst Nails

Show how elegant you are with this nail art. Everyone will be impressed if you go with it. This nail art looks calming but adds your beauty. That is why it is considered as one of the best prom nails.metallic-starburst-nails-1

To apply this nail art, start it by applying a soft purple-grey base on all of your nails. Then, draw starbursts at the corner of your nails using a gold nail art pen. You can vary how you show the starbursts. Lastly, finish it with a topcoat for the perfect result.

Metallic starbursts nails can also be applied with another idea like the picture below. It offers the darker look but not losing the elegance. This nail art idea is more appropriate for you who have longer nails.


It is very easy to follow this nail art. Start it with a dark base. Make sure that it is applied wholly on your nails. Then, draw starbursts at the corner with different shapes like the picture above using a purple nail art pen. Finish it with a top coat and leave it until it dries.

Simple Glitter Nails

The next idea is simple glitter nails. This nail art makes you look very chic. It is perfect to be combined with your bright skin. This nail art is appropriate for you who love dark nail arts. Anyway, it belongs to one of the best prom nail arts.simple-glitter-nails-1

This nail art is very simple to try. So, you should be DIY-challenged with it. To start applying this nail art, use a dark purple nail base. After that, layer it with gold top. Then, add the beauty with pretty sparkle. Lastly, finish it with a top coat for the best result. It is very chic, is not it?

If you want the brighter nail art, you can also try this simple glitter nail art. It applies white nail polish combined with glitter beads. To apply this nail art, you must have a bright skin.


This idea is also easy to try. Just start applying a white nail coat. Make sure that it is applied evenly. Then, add some glitter beads at the tips of your finger nails. Just spread them naturally. To keep the glitter beads in place, apply a top coat to finish it.

Urban-Glam Sticker Nail Idea

This nail art idea is colorful. So, you have to prepare various colors of nail polish. This is very stunning and great for prom. You will feel confident with this nail art. That is why it is considered as one of the most beautiful prom nails.urban-glam-sticker-nail-idea-1

To follow this nail art idea, you should make graffiti on your nails. It becomes cooler with the artistic design. It looks a little bit complex but the result is really amazing. For the clearer result, you can see the picture above.

If you want the simpler idea, you can try this. This urban-glam sticker nail only requires you to apply 2 different colors. They are black and silver. Even though it does not apply various colors, it looks very elegant for every woman.


You will not spend much time to apply this nail art because it is not complex like the first one. Just start with a black nail base wholly and evenly. After it dries, add nail stickers of silver lace at your nail tips. The artistic design and color combination are really perfect.

Mixed Print Nail Art

This nail art becomes one of the trendiest manicure ideas today. Comes with different colors, it looks very awesome. You do not need to apply nail polish because it requires you to apply nail stickers. For the clearer picture, look at below.mixed-print-nail-art-1

This mixing design is very interesting to follow. If you are interested in it, you just need to cut and then layer various nail stickers. Just try half & half on a nail and then a reverse French manicure on another. You can see how amazing it is.

Mixed print nail art can also be applied with another idea like the picture below. This mixing design is simpler than the first one because it only offers 2 different colors. They are black and white. Anyway, you must try it.


Different from the first idea where you use nail stickers, this idea requires you to use nail polish. Firstly, apply white nail base on your all finger nails. Then, create some mixing designs like vertical lines, spotted design, and others like the picture above. Let some other nails with the white nail polish. To finish it, use a top coat so that it keeps the quality.

Bold Stripes Nail Design

This is the next prom nail art design that you can try. This is appropriate for you who like modern style. Comes with bold design, this nail art is very attractive.


This is easy to follow. Start it with some shimmers to your finger nails but the sparkle should not be overload. Toughen it up by painting each of your finger nail with a different metallic nail polish. Now, add stripes with chic graphic arrangements using a nail art pen. You can also use thin nail sticker stripes.

If you want the simpler design, you can consider this nail idea. You can make this nail art at home with nail polish. You just need 2 colors. They are white and black.


You will not feel difficult to follow this nail art idea. You are just required to apply white nail base evenly on all of your finger nails. After that, create some stripes with black nail art pen on your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger. Then, finish with a topcoat. Do the same steps for another hand. It will be a perfect nail art for prom and most beautiful pedicure designs.

Green Glitter Accent Nails

This nail art is also very beautiful. It belongs to one of the most chic prom nails to follow. It applies bright nail polish so that it makes you look much younger. This is also great to be combined with your luxurious accessories and clothes.green-glitter-accent-nails-1

If you want to follow this nail art, firstly you should apply 2 pale green polish coats. After that, paint on the base of half your nail diagonally with a shiny emerald shade using a skinny artist’s brush.  Lastly, finish it with a smooth glittery top coat for the perfect result.

Green glitter accents also have many variations. If you want the different option, I suggest you to try this. Besides elegant, it is much simpler and easier to apply. It only requires you to use glittery dark green polish.


This nail art idea can be followed easily. You just need to start it with a nail polish coat to protect your finger nails and skin. Then, apply the glittery dark green nail polish. Finish it with a top coat.

Edgy Mixed Pattern Nails

This nail art makes you look like a rock star. It requires you to mix different art designs on each nail. That is why it is very attractive and interesting to follow.


To apply that nail art idea, start it by applying black nail polish. Leave and let it dry. Then, make red lightning bolts on the forefinger then pink & gold triangles over your thumb and middle finger. Lastly, grab & place studs by putting a topcoat on your nail stick. Let it dry.

You can also try another option of edgy mixed patterns. This is much simpler than the first one. However, it still belongs to one of the most impressive prom nail art design ideas.


To follow this nail art idea, just apply black nail coat on your nails wholly. Then, create some parallelograms with white nail polish. Finish it with a topcoat to keep this nail art.

Bright Almond Nails

The last idea that I can share is bright almond nails. This makes you look very chic with its turquoise nail polish. So, you must try following this nail art


Just start it by gluing on fakies using a file. Then, add with turquoise and top coats. It creates an edgy shape. It also creates more girly look that is perfect for prom. Lastly, finish it with a topcoat.

If you want other colors, I suggest you to consider yellow. Yellow also makes you look young and girly. However, the impression is different. Yellow nail polish allows you to have longer nails.


It becomes one of the most recommended prom nails because you can apply it easily. Just start with a nail polish coat to protect your nails and skin. Then, apply yellow nail polish wholly and evenly. To add the durability and keep its quality, finish it with a topcoat. You can see how chic it is and everyone will be impressed.

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