10 Pink Nail Designs to Make You Look Chic Every Day and Every Time

Looking chic every day and every time is the wish of every girl in this world. While looking chic can be done in many ways, you can consider make your nails pretty too. Here, we have 10 pink nail designs you can try to make on your own. Here we go.

Glitter Light Pink Nail Design


This one is one of the simplest but beautiful one you can try. It has its layout all in pink, but it does look all the more beautiful with some glitter in the middle of the nails. Design like this would even suit you to attend casual party with your friends.

Pink Glossy Glass Nail Design


This kind of pink nail designs is also simple. However, it has glossy glass pattern in mind. It starts with pink nail polish and gets black one for the edge surrounding it. To give glossy look, white curved line and dot are made on the pink part near the edge.

Glitter Pink Black Nail Design


This elegant nail design we have here starts by having pink nail polish in the background. To make it more elegant, you can put black nail polish sideways in the corner with curvy edge. Then, put on glitters a bit down from the black edge you made.

Black White Dot Pink Design


You know that nails can be designed many ways with dots pattern. So, trying this one would not hurt. You have pink as the layout. Then, give simple black and white circles and finish it by making a couple of white and black dots near the circles.

Pink Zebra-Patterned Design


Just like dots pattern, it is common in nail designs to use zebra pattern. This kind of pink nail designs would be nice to realize too. It has pink layout parted by white nail polish vertically in the middle. Black stripes are then made horizontally on them.

Lovely Dotted Pink Nail Design


Yes, you don’t have to design each of your nails in detail. Like this sweet pink design for example, you can put on plain pink in some nails, but you can make them lovely with gray nail designed with one pink heart and black dots all over the nail.

Sweet Dotted Light Pink Design


Light pink has always been sweet color for girls’ nails. To make it prettier, you can try this light pink design. You have the pink as the base, but you need to make black curved line and dots in the corner. Stick some glitter on the edge to finish this idea.

Matte Black Pink Nail Design


You don’t have to use glossy pink nail polish every time. Using matte nail polish would look nice too. Like this idea of pink nail designs here, you can have two nails all in black. But, you can have it with pink and give diamond-like beads on other nails.

Artistic, Curvy Pink Nail Design


If you want nail design that is artistically made, you can try this nail design here. Most nails might be plain in sweet pink. However, one nail in each hand has white layout with intricate and curvy pink lines. It makes this idea all the more beautiful.

Pretty, Silvery Pink Nail Design


This kind of pink nail designs is real beautiful to realize. It has deep pink nail polish as the base of the design. In itself, this color is elegant, but this idea still gets pretty, silver nail polish on the edge with small dot and stripes to mimic flower pattern.

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