20 Most Beautiful Design Ideas of Blue Nails for Girls

Manicure belongs to one of the most popular nail arts. Girls usually paint their finger nails with polish. If you are interested, you can also follow it. However, you have to plan the design properly. There are many designs that you can try. If you want to look elegant, it will be a good idea for you to consider blue nails. In this article, I will share top design ideas that you can apply. Here are the lists.

Midnight Blue with Silver Glitter Lining Detail


This is the first design idea recommended for you. This design looks very elegant. You can also easily follow this idea. Firstly, you just need to paint your finger nails with midnight blue polish wholly and evenly. After that, create linings near the bases of the finger nails with silver glitter. It adds the elegance look. This nail art is appropriate for formal events such as wedding. However, you can also use this nail art for informal events or anytime you want. It is very elegant, is not it? Therefore, you should try this nail art. This would be perfectly fit with best designs for glitter nails.

Royal Blue to Black Ombre


This is the second design idea of nail art. In this idea, you use royal blue to black ombre polishes. To get the best look, the royal blue should be applied on the tips of your finger nails whereas the black ombre is for the bases of your finger nails. For more detailed, you can see the result on the picture above. It looks very amazing, is not it? So, it is recommended so much for you. For the best result, you should use nail coat first before applying the polishes. Or if you want to apply cute nails ideas and run out of ideas you can refer to those page.

Icy Blue & Silver Manicure


If you do not like dark color, you can choose icy blue that looks lighter and brighter. It is not enough because it is still added with silver glitter. Firstly, you should paint your nails with icy blue polish evenly. After that, apply the some silver glitters on your nails. For example, you apply the silver glitter on your middle fingers wholly but the other fingers are only applied with the silver glitter on some parts. Can you imagine how awesome it is? That is why it is considered as one of the most beautiful blue nail arts. So, you should try this nail art design idea.

Navy Blue with Gold Glitter Accent


To create a sharp appearance, navy blue polish can be a good choice for your manicure nail art. This design idea requires you to combine it with gold glitter so that it looks very luxurious. If you are interested in it, firstly you should apply the navy blue polish on all of your fingers. After it is applied evenly, add the gold glitter on your ring fingers only. It looks very attractive, is not it? If you apply the gold glitter on all of your fingers, it may look monotone. So, it is enough to be applied on the ring fingers only.

Glittery Blue with Flower Detail


It will also be a good idea for you to apply this nail art design. This nail art has a beautiful design with sky blue dominant color. It makes you look younger. The glittery blue makes it very elegant and luxurious. In this idea, I suggest you to apply the glittery blue on the middle fingers only. Then, create follower detail on the ring fingers to add the beauty look. The finger rings should have white coat and create flower details with blue polish and glittery blue. The combination will be very perfect. So, it can be one of the most recommended ideas for you.

DIY Blue & White Ocean Manicure


This can also be one of the most chic blue nails because the design is adapted from ocean. What you need is to prepare ocean blue and white polishes. To create the ocean theme, you have to be able to combine them so that it looks like ocean. You can do it by yourself and based on your own creativity. If all of your finger nails have ocean themed nail art, you will look very great. This design is unique and it is rarely found on girls. So, you can try this unique nail art design idea.

Pale Blue with Glitter & Beads


This is the nest nail art design that looks very lovely. The basic theme of this nail art is pale blue. So, you have to paint your nails with pale blue polish first evenly. After it is done, add some glitters and also beads on the edges of the nails from the bases to the tips. Do this on all of your fingers from thumb to little fingers both right and left hands. You can see how lovely it is. So, if you are inspired, you can follow this nail art design.

Polka Dots on Blue Background


Polka dots can be considered as one of the most popular themes. It can be found easily on cloth theme. However, have you ever imagined if it is applied on your nails? Of course, it becomes a very interesting nail art. In this idea, the background is blue. Then, create polka dots with white and lighter blue polishes. If you need image, you can look at the picture above. With this nail art design, you will feel much more confident because you will have good appearance not only on your general look but also more detailed look including your finger nails.

Blue Themed Animal Print


Blue nails are flexible. It means you should not only paint your finger nails with blue polish only because you can also combine it with other colors. Besides, there are also many types of blue available that you can choose. In this idea, you are required to create animal prints on blue background. So, you have to do first is to make blue background on your nails. After that, apply create some animal prints on your nails. For example, you can try creating zebra on your ring fingers. It will also be a good idea to create dog prints on the index fingers. You can also consider other ideas like the picture above.

Blue Themed Galaxy Manicure


Blue can also be varied to be like a galaxy. The combination of light blue to dark blue can create blue galaxy theme. It can also be applied on your finger nails. If all your finger nails have blue themed galaxy nail art, you will look very elegant. If you are confused, you can see the picture above and follow how to create this beautiful theme. This nail art is appropriate for any girl with any age. That is why it belongs to one of the most recommended manicure design ideas.

Blue Tipped French with Stars on Top


The manicure design idea above can also be followed. It looks very pretty with the stars. If you are interested in this blue manicure design idea, you can follow this. Firstly, paint your finger tips with blue polish adjusting the shape of your nail tips. It will also be a good idea to paint blue polish wholly on one of the nails. In this idea, I give the example of ring finger. The next step is to create white stars near your nail tips. The stars should have different shapes to make it much more attractive. It looks very pretty, does not it?

Midnight Blue & White Snowflake


If you like dark blue, I suggest you to apply this nail art design. It uses midnight blue as the background of the design. Midnight blue looks very elegant. So, it is recommended to try. To add the attractiveness, you can create white snowflake on one of the finger nails you want. For example, the snowflake is on your ring fingers both right and left hands. If you are interested in this idea, just apply this nail art design on yours and look how beautiful it is.

Blue Tipped French with Flowers


This idea also requires you create blue nail tips. Paint your nail tips evenly using blue polish and make sure that all your nails are painted well. You also need to create the separation between the blue nail tips and the plain areas. After that, choose one of your finger nails that will be applied with flower detail. In this idea, I give you example that the flower detail is on your ring fingers both left and right hands. With white flowers, your nail art looks very impressing. Other girls may also be jealous of you. So, do not wait longer to try this manicure.

Blue Metallic with Lace


The next manicure offers blue metallic with lace theme. This can be one of the best blue nails because it is really gorgeous. This nail art design is also very easy to apply. You just need to apply blue metallic polish on your finger nails except ring fingers. Make sure that it is applied evenly and rightly! For the ring fingers, create lace accents with your own creativity. You can also follow the idea above. How about this? Are you interested in it? This nail art design is allowed to be applied by any girl.

Sparkly Blue with Gold Sequins


If you like something shiny, I suggest you to consider this idea. This nail art design applies sparkly blue that looks shiny. This nail art will look very beautiful all day and night. Even more, you are also required to add gold sequins. After painting your nails with sparkle blue polish, add some gold sequins on the bases of your finger nails. Then, let it dry and you will look very impressive with this nail art. That is why it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best nail art design ideas.

Blue & White Heart Nail Art


One of the best combinations of blue is white. In this case, you should use light blue. This can be considered as one of the most chic blue nail art design ideas with easy steps. If you are interested in this design idea, juts paint your finger nails with blue polish except ring fingers. For the ring fingers, you can create white and cream stripes. Then, make heart detail on it with blue polish. You will look very chic with this nail art. So, you will feel confident to go out.

Blue Nail Art with Pink Roses


Blue will look good to be combined with pink. You can also try this idea for your nail art. You can see the result above. It is very beautiful, is not it? If you are inspired with that, you can start painting your nails using blue polish. Then, create pink flowers on the blue background. The flowers can be on the tips, bases, or anywhere you want. It will be much more beautiful with some green leaves. After you see the beauty, why do not you apply this nail art?

Blue Snake Skin Nail Art


If you want something extreme or scary, this nail art can be a great idea. You can try applying blue snake skin nail art design. To apply this nail art design, you should be able to combine glittering blue and silver so that it looks like snake skin. You can follow the picture above. It is very inspiring, is not it? It is appropriate for you who want to look cool.

Turquoise Blue with Leopard Print


This manicure design is also very gorgeous. It combines turquoise blue and leopard theme. After painting your nails with turquoise blue, create leopard theme on the edges of your finger nails with black and white.

Dark Blue with Daisy Flowers


This dark blue polish looks like purple. However, it still belongs to blue nails. This nail art design is very simple but creative. You just need to create daisy flowers on the dark blue background like the picture above. Now, you can appear perfectly with this nail art. Hopefully this can inspire girls to find the best nail arts.

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