20 Best Designs of Glitter Nails for Manicure

For girls, finger nails have an important role in their look. That is why there are many girls who polish their nails beautifully. Firstly, you have to decide the theme. If you want to create an elegant look on your nails, you can plan glitter nails. To realize it, you may need some colors of nail polish. Besides that, you also need to have a good creativity to make it real. Some inspirations are also needed. Before polishing your nails, you can consider the following ideas first.

Black Matte and Silver Dust plus Cross Details


This is the first idea that you can try. It is recommended so much for you because this nail art looks very attractive. In this art idea, you combine 2 different colors. They are black matter and silver. If you are interested in this idea, firstly you should paint your little fingers, ring fingers, and thumb with black matter color. After that, paint your index fingers and middle fingers with silver color! To add the attractiveness, you need to add cross detail on the index fingers with black matter color. It is very simple, is not it?

Blue Glitter & Melon Stripes


The second idea requires you to combine 2 different colors, too. However, what you need in this glitter nail art are blue and melon red. Starts from the little finger, paint the pole with red whereas the tip is blue. The red polish needed is red that looks like melon whereas the blue needed is glitter blue. Continues to ring finger, you should apply the contrary where the pole is glitter blue and the tip is melon red. You can continue it until your thumb and another hand. This nail art can make you look younger, also cute nail ideas designs.

Glitter Half Moon and Neon Orange


This is the third idea that you can consider. This nail art looks is glittering and bright. It is appropriate for teens. However, moms can also apply this idea. This nail art combines 2 colors. They are white and orange. White looks like the moon whereas yellow looks like neon. That is why it has its name. The yellow polish is applied on the tips of your finger nail. Then, the white polish is for the bases of your finger nail. The glittering white polish looks really amazing combined with yellow, and if you want to attend wedding, this wedding nails will be perfect!

Full Glittering Aqua Blue Matte


It will also be a good idea for you to consider this. It can be considered as one of the most beautiful glitter nails. Different from the previews ideas, it only applies one color. You just need to paint your nails with glitter aqua blue matter. With fully blue, you will look very elegant. You can start applying the polish from your right thumb to the right little finger. After you are done with your right hand, you can continue to your left hand. It looks so awesome, is not it?

V-shaped Glittering Gold, Melon, & Periwinkle


The next idea is this. This idea applies three colors. You have to combine them with V-shaped nail art. You can make it various. For example, on your middle finger, you can apply the glittering gold polish on the base of your middle finger. Then, you apply the bright melon polish on the middle on the nail whereas the periwinkle is on the tip of your middle finger. You can apply different arrangements for those polishes on different fingers. Now, you can look how beautiful it is.


You can also consider this chic nail art. It looks very chic with the purple polish chosen. Besides that, the glitter adds the attractiveness of this nail art. Firstly, you should apply the pastel purple polish first for the base coat. Apply wholly on all of your finger nails. After that, add the glitter on the edge of each finger nail. You can see the picture above that it is very chic. That is why it is considered as one of the most beautiful glitter nail art designs. So, are you interested in it?


Look at that picture! Is it beautiful? It is really beautiful and it can be a good idea for manicure. Firstly, you need to prepare purple glitter polish. After that, you should apply the nail coat first. Then, start painting your nails with that polish. You can start from any finger you want. In this idea, the finger nails are not painted wholly with this polish. You just need to apply half of the nails. To make it attractive, make apply it unevenly on the tips of your nail up to the half of your nails.

Pink Glitter Nail Art


If you like pink, you can try this nail art. It is appropriate for you who have pinky skin. If you want to try this idea, you just need to prepare polish with pink color and glitter. Firstly, you have to paint all your finger nails with pink polish. So, it functions as the base of this nail art. After that, apply the glitter on the base and tip of your middle and ring fingers and let the other fingers with pink polish only. This variation makes it much more attractive. Considering the beauty look, it belongs to the best glitter nails so that you should try this nail art.

Dark Purple Glitter Tip


Purple is one of the most beautiful colors. That is why there are many girls who consider purple polish for manicure. In this idea, what you need is dark purple polish. Besides that, you also need to prepare glitter. It is very easy to apply this nail art. You just need to follow 2 simple steps. The first is to apply dark purple polis on all of your fingers wholly. The second is to apply the glitter on the tips of all your fingers. This simple idea creates a wonderful nail art. So, you will look very good with this nail art.

Mint and Silver Glitter


Then, I also suggest you to try this idea. This nail art applies mint dominant color combined with silver glitter. The light blue mint polish becomes the base of this nail art so that you should paint all of your finger nails with this mint polish. After that, apply the silver glitter on the middle fingers. You can also apply the silver glitter on the ring fingers but only on the tips. And let the other fingers with the mint polish. The result can be seen on the picture above. Anyway, it belongs to the best glitter nail art design ideas.

Pink & Gold Glitter Manicure


This nail art looks very beautiful so that many girls who consider this for manicure. This nail art is perfect for wedding manicure because it is really awesome. What you need to prepare are pink polish and gold glitter. Before applying the gold glitter, you should paint your nails with pink polish first wholly. After it is done, now you can apply the gold glitter on some parts of your nails. You can follow this idea like the picture above.

Baby Pink & Blue Ombre with Glitter Top


Do you want to have a lovely nail art? You can consider this idea. The picture above belongs to the best glitter nails. It is because the look is really lovely. The combination of three different polishes is really perfect. Firstly, you have to apply baby pink polish on the bases of your fingers. Then, your fingertips should be painted with blue ombre polish. Lastly, add with glitter to make it perfect. This nail art does not look too sharp and many girls love it.

Icy Blue and Glitter


One of the most beautiful colors is blue. There are many types of blue and one of them is icy blue. This can be a good inspiration for your nail art. For example, you can combine ice blue polish with glitter. Use the icy blue polish as the base coat whereas the glitter functions for the additional look. After applying the icy blue polish, you can start adding some glitters on some parts of your finger nails like the picture above. With this manicure, you will look much younger and fresher. So, it is recommended so much for girls.

Frosted Pink with Glitter


Choosing nail art is not as easy as you imagine. If want to apply manicure that looks natural buy glittering, this idea will be a good option. If you are interested in this nail art, you should buy frosted pink polish first. Besides that, you also need to prepare glitter. After painting your finger nails with frosted pink polish, add some glitters on your nails simply. Even though it looks natural, the glitters make it much more elegant. That is why you should consider this idea.

Black & White with Silver Glitter Accent


This nail art also looks very elegant. The base nail art of this idea only combines black & white polishes on your finger nails. However, the silver glitter makes it much more elegant. In this idea, the white polish is applied on the bases of your finger whereas the back polish is for the tips of finger. For the silver glitter, it will be best applied on between them. How about this? Are you interested?

Pale Blue Glitter Manicure


If you look at the manicure above, you may be interested in that. Actually that is not difficult to apply. Firstly, you just need to apply pale blue polish on your fingers. Paint all of your fingers from thumbs to little fingers both right and left wholly. After all is done, you can make it much more attractive with glitter. The glitter you choose here should be multi-color like the picture above. Actually you can use any glitter but multi-color glitter will be much better. Therefore, you should try this nail art.

Rose Gold Chevron Nail Art


The nail art above is called Rose gold chevron. It looks modern and amazing. You can also follow this manicure. With gold polish, you can find a perfect combination with black polish. You can try the variation like what you can see on the picture above. Even though it does not look lively, there are many girls who love this design of nail art. With this nail art, you will look very luxurious until the smallest detail including your finger nails. Then, everyone will be amazed with your appearance. This manicure will be best used for New Year party but it is also appropriate for other events.

French Black Tip Glitter


At a glance, the design of this manicure looks very simple. However, the more you pay attention to this nail art, the more interesting it is. If you are interested in it, you can try this now. Firstly, use nail coat first! After that, apply black polish for your finger nail tips. Then, add some glitters between them. The result can be seen on the picture above. It is very interesting, is not it?

French White & Glitter Nail Tips


This nail art looks very girly and chic. It also looks simple but attractive. So, it is recommended to try. After applying nail coat wholly, paint your nail tips using white polis. Then, add silver glitter to separate between the white tips and the plain bases. This nail art is very good for anytime and anyone because the style is flexible. So, you will look very chic if you apply this nail art.

Multi-Color Glitter Manicure


This is the last idea I can suggest. The design can be considered as one of the most attractive glitter nails. It does not require any nail polish but glitter. To make it much more attractive, choose multi-color glitter. After using nail coat evenly, apply the multi-color glitter on all of your finger nails. It is very great, is not it? Hopefully this will inspire you to find the best manicure for you.

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  • […] This is the first design idea recommended for you. This design looks very elegant. You can also easily follow this idea. Firstly, you just need to paint your finger nails with midnight blue polish wholly and evenly. After that, create linings near the bases of the finger nails with silver glitter. It adds the elegance look. This nail art is appropriate for formal events such as wedding. However, you can also use this nail art for informal events or anytime you want. It is very elegant, is not it? Therefore, you should try this nail art. This would be perfectly fit with best designs for glitter nails. […]

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