3 Ways How to Remove Fake Nails

To beautify nails, there are many girls who use fake nails. There are many design ideas of fake nails that you may use. However, fake nails cannot be used forever. You need to remove them later whether you want to use new fake nails or you want the natural nails. Anyway, removing fake nails should be done carefully so that it does not danger your own nails. Therefore, this article will discuss how to remove fake nails. But if you need to apply some acrylic nail designs please refer to those page or maybe 20 most beautiful nails designs.

Soaking Your Nails

There are 3 ways how to take off fake nails and this is one of them. Soaking nails should be done rightly so that the fake nails can be removed well. If you are interested in this method, you have to follow these steps.

  1. Clip Your Fake Nails

What you need to do is to clip your fake nails first. Clip them down as you can. You can clip them down as short as possible using a nail clipper. If your nails are shorter, you can remove your fake nails more easily.

  1. File off the Nail Top Coat

Then, you need to file off the top coat layered on your nails. It will also ease you to remove the fake nails later. You can use a nail file to help you.

  1. Apply Petroleum Jelly on Your Skin

The next step how to take off fake nails is to apply petroleum jelly on your skin near the bases of your nails. It will also ease you remove the fake nails.

  1. Use Acetone Polish Remover

After that, you should prepare a bowl and fill it with acetone polish remover. It will be used to soak your nails.

  1. Dip Your Nails into the Bowl

The next step how to take down fake nails is to dip your nails into the bowl that you have prepared. Dip your nails for about 15 minutes.

  1. Remove Your Fake Nails

Now, it is time to remove the fake nails. You can use another hand or ask help for other people to do it. You should also clean out the glue wholly.

  1. Wash Your HandsCaucasian-woman-washing-her-hands

After the fake nails and glue are removed, you need to wash your hands until the excess polish remover and petroleum jell are clean. You can use soap for the better result.

  1. Dry off Your Hands

Lastly, dry off your hands. You can use a napkin or just wait until your hands dry.

Using a Dental Floss

The second method is using a dental floss. It is also easy to follow. However, there are some steps that you should do.

  1. Ask for Help to Other Peopleremove-extra-glue-using-a-nail-buffer

If you want to remove your fake nails easily, I suggest you not to do it alone but with other people. For example, you can ask for help to your friend, brother, sister, etc.

  1. Pry off Gently Your Fake Nails

Then, the next step how to remove fake nails is to use an orangewood stick. Remove your fake nails slowly from the bottom edge of your nails.

  1. Use a Floss to Remove Your Fake Nailsuse-a-floss-to-remove-your-fake-nails

The next step is to remove your fake nails using a dental floss. You can do it by your own or ask for help to your friend. Do it slowly and carefully.

  1. Repeat It for All Nails

After a fake nail is successfully removed, repeat it for all of your nails. So, the fake nails are removed wholly.

  1. Remove Extra Glue Using a nail Bufferremove-extra-glue-using-a-nail-buffer

After all fake nails are removed you need to remove the excess glue. You can do this easily using a nail buffer. It can also be used to smooth out the nails.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Then, clean up your hands by washing them. If needed, you can also use soap. Let it dry or swap them using a napkin.

  1. Moisturize Your Hands

Lastly, you have to apply a moisturizer on your hands. It functions to massage your hands and your skin will be smooth again. That is all how to left out fake nails using a dental floss.

Wrapping Your Nails

This is the last method. It requires you to wrap your nails. This can be followed easily through some steps below:

  1. Clip Your Fake Nails

If you want to remove your fake nails with this method, you have to clip your fake nails first. You can use a nail clipper. Make them as short as possible so that you can remove them more easily.

  1. File off Your Nail Top Coat

The second step how to remove fake nails is by filing off the top coat of your fake nails. It allows the acetone work on your nails more effectively.

  1. Soak Cotton Balls into Acetone

You need to soak 10 cotton balls into a bowl filled with acetone. After a few minutes, apply them onto your nails. Make sure that the cotton balls are applied on each nail.

  1. Wrap Your Nails

Then, wrap your nails. You can use papers, plastics, etc. It will be a good idea for you to use tin foils. It functions to keep the cotton balls in place. Leave for a few minutes. I suggest you to wait for it until a half hour.

  1. Remove the Tin Foil & Cotton Ballsemove-the-tin-foils-cotton-balls

After that, remove the tin foils from your nails followed by removing the cotton balls one by one. Now, you can remove the fake nails.

  1. Remove Extra Glue

If there is extra glue left you’re your nails, remove it using a nail buffer. So, your nails will be smooth and clean wholly.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Lastly, wash your hands. If needed, you can use soap so that there is no glue left on your nails or skin. Let your hands dry or dry them using a napkin.

That is all how to remove fake nails. Now, you can beautify your nails with fake nails freely and you do not need to worry that you cannot remove them. Just choose one of the methods above and follow the steps rightly.

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