5 Most Beautiful and Elegant Acrylic Nails

Women cannot be separated from nail art. There are many women who beautify their look with nail art. In fact, there are so many nail art ideas that can be tried. If you are also interested in nail art designs, acrylic nails can be a good idea. However, this nail art cannot be applied as simple as you imagine. If you need some inspirations, you can consider the following ideas below:

Baby Blue Acrylic Nail


This is the first acrylic nail art that you can try. Even though it looks complex, you can try this nail art at home by your own. This nail art looks very elegant but requires you some accessories. In this idea, I suggest you to use diamonds.

If you are interested in it, what you need to do is to apply nail base first. After that, paint your nails with baby blue nail polish evenly. Then, add some diamonds on your middle finger nail and also little finger nail. To keep the diamonds in place, finish it with nail coat. Anyway, you have to make sure that the diamonds are attached securely.

Pink Silver Acrylic Nail


This can also be considered as one of the best acrylic nails to try. This nail art combines pink dominant color with silver. So, you need to prepare pink nail polish and glittery silver. This can be applied easily. Just follow these steps below.

Firstly, do not forget to apply nail base evenly. After that, paint your nails with pink nail polish on the index, middle and little finger nails whereas the other finger nails are painted with silver. Lastly, cover them with nail coat to keep it durable.

Halloween Acrylic Nail


If it is Halloween day, this acrylic nails can be a good idea. It uses black dominant color with some details that create scary impression. This nail art is easy to follow. If you are interested, you can pay attention to these steps.

Make sure that you apply nail base first. Then, create some scary designs like the picture above. You can also create your own desired scary designs. Lastly, do not forget to apply nail coat for the best result. Anyway, it belongs to the best acrylic nail art designs.

Romantic Red Acrylic Nail


This nail art uses red dominant color that looks very lovely and romantic. So, it is appropriate for Valentine’s Day, wedding, engagement, etc. This nail art is recommended for young girls and elegant women.

To follow this acrylic nails, you cannot skip nail base to protect your nails from chemical. After that, paint the nails with red nail polish evenly. Next, add sparkle to create more attractive impression. Lastly, finish it with nail top evenly. After dry, you can go with this nail art confidently.

Acrylic Nail with Accessories


This is another nail art that I suggest to follow. It also uses acrylic. Looking at the picture above, it is reasonable if I consider it as one of the best acrylic nail art design ideas. However, it requires you to prepare not only acrylic nail polish but also some accessories.

If you want to follow this, firstly you should apply nail base first. After that, apply the acrylic carefully and then add some accessories like the picture above. It is just an example so that you can consider your own desired idea or design. Lastly, do not forget to apply nail coat. Let it dry and you will feel confident to go with this elegant acrylic nails. Hopefully you can find your desired nail art from the ideas above.

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