5 Most Beautiful Nail Art Design Ideas

If you want to look beautiful, you can start from your nail. There are many ideas of nail art design that you can try. However, it should be done carefully. You have to adjust it to your style and some other factors needed. The most important is that you have to find the best theme for your nail art. Because different people love different themes, you have to plan it properly based on your desired theme. In this article, we try to share some beautiful nail arts that you can try.

Expression Nail Art


The first nail art theme that you can try is expression nail art. This nail art looks very cute but it can be applied by kids, teens or adults. This theme is also flexible even though it is best for kid’s party or Halloween. If you want to follow this, I suggest you to cut your nail first because it is designed for those who have short nails.

What you need to do to follow this nail art is by applying the nail base first evenly. Then, paint them using orange and white nail polish on your desired nails. After that, create various expressions using nail stick. The more various expressions you make, the more attractive this nail art design will be.

Dots and Love Nail Art


This is the second nail art idea I suggest to you. This is easy to apply but it looks very chic. It combines dots and love design that look perfectly beautiful. This nail art can be used for any event either formal or informal.

If you want to follow this nail art, you should apply white nail polish after nail base. Then, create some dots with black polish. After that, create love on your sweet finger nail with red polish. Lastly, finish this nail art design with nail coat to make it more durable.

Rainbow Nail Art


You may have rainbow on your nails. It can be realized by applying rainbow nail art. This is a nail art with rainbow there where it combines some colors so that your nail art looks like a rainbow. Everyone loves it because it is appropriate for kids to adults.

This nail design art can be applied easily. Firstly, you should apply nail base and then paint with dark blue, light blue, yellow, orange and pink from your nail base to nail tips. Apply this on all nails and you will find that your nails look like a beautiful rainbow. To make it last longer, finish it with nail coat.

Season Nail Art


You can also consider nail art based on the season. For example, if it is spring, it will be a good idea to make a spring nail art. You can also consider winter, summer, or other seasons based on the present season.

I will give an example of spring nail art. To follow this nail art design, you have to make sure that you apply nail base first. Then, paint your nails with white in a half and pink in a half. After that, create spring tree or you can also add some accents to make the better spring details.

Flower Nail Art


Another best idea is flower nail art. This nail art is easy to follow. It looks simple but elegant. This nail art will make you look much more beautiful wholly. So, this beautiful nail art is recommended so much for you.

To follow this nail art design, firstly you should apply nail base evenly. Then, paint your nails with orange polish. After that, create flower with white polish. Lastly, finish it with nail coat. If you are interested in it, you can follow it at home.

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