5 Beautiful Wedding Nails

Wedding is one of the most special moments in life. Wedding may be done once in a life so that you have to look as beautiful as possible wholly including your nails. Therefore, you have to plan wedding nails properly. When you hold a wedding, your nails should look beautiful to impress the guests and everyone invited. However, sometimes choosing the nail art is confusing. If you are confused to find the best nail art for wedding, you can consider the following ideas below.

Couple Wedding Nail


This wedding nail is very unique. It may be a little bit difficult to apply but you can consider following this. This nail art is romantic and can show your love to your spouse. So, it is recommended so much for wedding nail arts.

To follow this nail art, firstly you should apply nail base. After that, create the pictures of you and your spouse on the index and sweet finger nails whereas the middle finger nail is designed with a wedding ring theme. In addition, add a bead on the middle ring finger nail to make the wedding ring design looks more real.

Natural Wedding Nail with Gold Edges


This also belongs to the best wedding nails to try. It design is simple and look natural but it makes you have elegant impression. Therefore, this nail art is recommended for wedding. The gold edges add the beauty and elegance.

What you need to do to apply this wedding nail design is to apply nail base first. It functions to protect your nail from chemicals in the nail polish. You can the nails or let it natural like the picture above. Then, add gold glitters on the edges of each nail. Lastly, finish it with nail coat evenly.

Sharp Red Wedding Nail


If you like sharp color, this nail art is recommended for you. This wedding nails can make you look perfectly beautiful. You can also add certain details like roses on your desired nails. If you are interested in this nail art, just follow these steps below.

Firstly, use nail base on all nails evenly. After that, start painting your nails with red nail polish wholly. Then, create roses on some finger nails you want. The last step is to finish it with nail coat. This wedding nail art design idea is appropriate for you who have short nails.

3D Flower Wedding Nail


This is the next nail art that you can follow. It is different from the previous ideas because this nail art applies 3D design. However, it also looks very beautiful with white dominant color. Therefore, it is recommended so much for wedding nails.

To follow this nail art, you have to make sure that you apply nail base. The next step is to create certain design like the picture above. Then, add some accessories. In this case, the accessories are 3D flower accessories. You can see how beautiful it is.

Acrylic Wedding Nail


One of the best nail arts for wedding is acrylic nail. It does not only look beautiful but also has good quality. You can choose your desired color and also add some accessories you want. So, it is not as difficult as you imagine.

What you need to do to apply this wedding nails is to apply nail base first. Make sure that it is applied evenly. Then, add silver glitters on the nail tips. If needed, you can also add some beads based on your desire. To keep the beads and glitter in place well, finish it with nail coat. Now, you will feel confident in your wedding party.

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