5 Beauty And Unique Nail Designs

The simple and ordinary plain colors for nail polish may look boring that is why to make your appearance becomes more extravagant you may need unique nail designs to complete you performance. Below are five recommended designs that looks pretty and precious that can inspire you. The designs look really unique with cartoon designs, ribbon, laces, and abstract designs. Check them out here.

Delightful Food Nail Art Design


What makes it look unique is the hotdog and nachos design that is made with similar design that makes you want to bite out. The way of creating this unique nail art is by preparing the tools for you create with hand not with sticker. The tools you may need are angled French brush, striper brush, detail brush, fan brush, and dotting tool to make dots. Meanwhile the colors that you will need is the bright hot red color, bright cooked yellow color, white color, nude color, and the last ones are black and green onion colors. Then, you only need to draw just like what is seen in the photo.

Colorful Puzzle Nail Art Design


The next unique nail designs that you will love to do is the colorful puzzle design with turquoise green blue green color. The puzzle design can be done by sticker or casually drawn with hand. The colors that you need to prepare are the turquoise green blue color, pastel blue, pastel yellow, pastel blue, and the last one is pastel purple. The black color is also available for lines pattern. Then if you choose to draw the puzzle with hand then follow the designs just like above. But if you prefer to choose the sticker then find out the sticker that has puzzle designs like that. After that, do finishing using transparent color.

Elegant Laces Nail Art Design


Having pretty nails do not always mean that you have to apply colorful nail art with hard because these is easy stamp nails that looks cute and pretty with a simple move. The steps of creating this nail art are easy as you only need to find the right sticker stamps that you like. Here the laces design seems really appropriate with your occasion. You can enter the party and join the meeting by using this model. It looks pretty and it is easy.

Colorful Abstract Model for Nail Art


Unique nail designs that will obviously looks beautiful is the ombre colors that looks really enchanted. The abstract pattern from the black color makes it look special. The ways of doing this nail art is by creating an ombre color or a mixed saturation color that will look good on the nails. As you can see, there is white pinkie color for thumb nail, fantastic orange and peach color for index color, greenie yellow for middle finger, deep blue to lichen green for ring finger, and the last one is purple gradation for little finger.

Pac-Man Cartoon Design for Nail Arts


Unique nail designs always look different when you come out with cartoon design. One of cartoon nail designs that looks interesting and stand out is the Pac-man character that is taken out from the Pac-Man classic game. This game has a cute main character with simple rounded designs with wide mouth and black rounded eye. The color of this character is bright yellow.

Meanwhile there are enemies that exist with various colors like blue and pink. The shape of the enemies looks like flurry ball. The main field fight for this game uses black color. Thus the colors that you need to prepare are black, yellow, magenta, blue, light purple, peach, and white. You can polish the nail with black as the basic colors then create all the characters using special nail kit brushes. Then make vertical and horizontal lines using striper brush and white dots using dotting too. For final step use transparent nail polish to make it look shiner and your unique nail designs is done.

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