5 Best Almond Shape Nails

Nail art is more and more creative today. Nail art does not only relate to the nail polish, nail design, and nail accessories but also nail shape. There are many ideas of nail shape that you can create. One of the most interesting ideas is almond shape. If you are interested in almond shape nails, you have to make them as beautiful as possible. Here are some inspirations that you can try to follow.

Almond Shape Nails with Gold Base


This almond shape nail design looks very elegant. So, it is appropriate for you who like elegant style. This nail art is best for wedding, party and other luxurious events. This nail art combines light pink and gold that look very beautiful.

What you need to do if you want to follow this nail art is by applying nail base first. After that, paint your nails with light pink nail polish evenly. Then, add some gold glitters on your nail bases carefully. Lastly, finish it with nail top to keep its quality.

Love Almond Shape Nails


This is the second idea that you can consider. Actually, it is very easy to follow because of the simple design. However, it becomes one of the best almond shape nails. If you are interested in this nail art, here are some steps that you must follow.

Firstly, apply nail base evenly on your nails. Then, use white nail polish to paint your nails wholly. After that, write the word “love” and form of love on your index finger nail. Lastly, cover it with nail coat. Before following this almond nail art, you have to make sure that you cut your nails to be like almonds.

Fruits Almond Shape Nails


This nail art can make you look fresh all day. It has the white basic color combined with fruit design that makes it look fresh. It can be applied by anyone. It is also flexible where you can choose your desired fruit design. So, you have to follow this almond shape nails.

After shaping your nails to be like almonds, do not forget to apply nail base first. After that, paint your nails with white nail polish evenly. Then, create fruit designs based on your desire. To finish it, use nail coat for the best result and protect it longer.

Natural Acrylic Almond Shape Nails


This nail art looks very natural. It is because you use natural nail polish that look similar to your skin. Anyway, it looks very elegant. So, it is interesting for you to follow this almond shape nails. To apply this, here are the tutorials to follow.

If you have middle length of nail, you can form almond nails easily. After that, apply nail base first. Then, paint your nails with natural nail polish carefully and smoothly. Lastly, finish it with nail coat evenly. Let it dry and you will look very amazing with this almond shape nail art design idea.

Black Almond Nails


This is another nail art that is recommended to you. It is very simple because it only requires shiny black nail polish. However, you have to make sure that you design your nails in almond shape rightly. It will be easy if you have not too short and not too long nails.

Now, you can start applying nail base carefully. After that, paint your nails with black nail polish you have prepared. Then, do not forget to cover the nails with nail coat carefully to get the best result. You can see how beautiful it is. That is why it is considered as one of the most chic almond shape nails.

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