5 Most Chic Pink Nail Designs

Pink is one of the most beautiful colors. That is why there are many girls who like pink clothes, accessories, etc. What if pink is applied on nails? Of course it will be a great nail art. If you are interested in pink nail designs, you are at the right place. This article will share the ideas of nail art that use pink nail polish for the dominant color. So, you can also try the following ideas below.

Neon Pink Nail with Beads


This is the first pink nail art that I can share. This is very simple so that you can try it easily. This nail art uses fully pink nail polish and beads for the accessories to add the beauty. This nail design is appropriate for anyone at any age.

If you are interested in it, the first step to do is to apply nail base evenly. After that, you can start painting your nails with pink nail polish. Then, add some beads on your middle finger nail tip tidily. Lastly, finish it with nail coat to keep the beads in place and make it more durable.

Pink Hello Kitty Nail


Pink is a cute color and Hello Kitty is also a cute figure of cartoon. If you combine them, it will create a perfectly chic combination. Therefore, it becomes one of the best pink nail designs to try. If you want to apply this nail art, you can follow these steps below.

Firstly, apply nail base on your nails evenly. Then, paint the nails with pink nail polish carefully. After that, create Hello Kitty design on your middle finger nail whereas the other nails can be designed with your desired details. This pink nail idea is easy to try, is not this?

Ombre Pink Nail


This is the next design to try. It combines pink with other colors including purple and blue. With these 3 different colors, it creates Ombre design. It is appropriate for you who like colorful and elegant design. It is perfect for party or informal events.

Belongs to the best pink nail designs, it requires you to combine these 3 colors carefully and smoothly. Do not forget to apply nail base in the beginning and nail top in the end. With this nail art, you will feel more confident in front of many people.

Light Pink Nail


It will also be a good idea to try this nail art. It also belongs to pink nail art design ideas recommended to women whether they are young or adult. It does not require you to create certain design but only choose the nail polish rightly.

Make sure that you choose light pink color like the picture above. Before applying it on your nails, use nail base first to protect your nails from chemical. After applying this nail polish, finish it with nail coat for the best result and make it last longer. Anyway, it becomes one of the most beautiful pink nail designs.

Natural Pink and White Nail


This is another nail art with pink color. It uses natural pink color combined with white. So, this nail art keeps your nails look natural but very beautiful. It is also easy to apply so that you should consider following this.

What you need to do is to apply nail base first. After that, apply the nail polish evenly on the nails. Then, protect it with nail top. This will keep it durable and beautiful longer. Considering the beautiful look, it becomes one of the best pink nail designs for girls.

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