5 Easy Nail Art Design Ideas for Beautiful Look

Nail art can make a girl look more attractive. However, there are many girls who feel difficult to apply nail art because of the complex designs. In fact, nail art should not be designed complexly. There are many ideas of easy nail art design that you can try. So, there is no reason why you do not apply beautiful nail art. If you need inspirations, the following ideas may help you to find your desired nail art.

Natural Nail Design with Black Tips


This is one of the easiest nail art designs that you can try. It does not require many nail polishes and it is simple to follow. It also does not require you to shape your nails in certain shape. Even more, it is also flexible where it is appropriate for short, medium or long nails.

Firstly, you need to apply nail base evenly and carefully. It protects your nails from chemicals in the nail polish. After that, paint your nail tips with black polish carefully. Lastly, finish it with nail top to make keep the quality of this nail art.

Black and White Nail Design


The second easy nail art design uses the combination of black and white. However, it does not apply black and white stripes. You can see the picture above that it applies simple combination and add some dots & certain easy details.

To follow this simple nail art design, you have to make sure that you apply nail base first. After hat, paint your nails with black and white like the picture above. Then, add some black dots on the white parts. In addition, create simple stripes with white on the black part.

Simple Nail Design with Love


This easy nail art design is also recommended to you. It is easy to follow because it only requires you to prepare white and red nail polish. This nail art is best for you who have short nails. Besides, it is also appropriate for either formal or informal events.

What you need to do if you are interested in this easy nail art design idea is to apply nail base first. After dry, apply white nail polish on the nail bases and red nail polish on the nail tips. Then, create love design on the thumb and sweet finger nails like the example above.

Easy Nail Art with Dots


This is the next nail art idea for you who like simple design. It only applies dots on the plain nail polish. So, I am sure that everyone can apply this at home easily. If you are interested in it, you can follow these simple steps below.

After preparing the nail polish, nail base and nail coat, apply the nail base first on your nail surface wholly. After that, apply the plain nail polish on the nails evenly. Now, you can start creating dots with your desired colors. You can follow the picture of easy nail art design above or make with your own pattern.

Sole of Dog Feet Nail Design


This nail art is also easy to try. You just need to prepare white and pink nail polish. Besides, you should also buy nail base and nail coat. If needed, you may also need to prepare polish stick to draw on your nails.

To follow this easy nail art design, firstly apply nail base on all nails evenly. Then, apply the white and pink nail polish on your desired nails. After that, create some designs of sole of dog feet. Lastly, use nail coat to finish this nail art to keep it good longer.

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