5 Most Elegant Black Matte Nails

Many people like nail art with bright nail polish. However, some people prefer dark nail polish. If you belong to those who like dark one, black can be a good idea to try. Basically, black can be shiny or matter. In this case, matter becomes more favorite options. If you are interested in black matte nails, I will share the best ideas. You can compared these ideas and choose the most appropriate one for you.

Black Matte with Gold Stud


This is the first idea that you can try. This nail art looks simple but elegant. So, everyone will look great with this nail art. If you are interested in this black matter nail art, you can follow it at home by your own.

What you need to do is by applying nail base first. After that, you can start painting the nails with black matter polish evenly. Then, add a gold stud on the base of each nail. You can either finish it with nail coat or not based on your desire. This nail art is appropriate for you who have medium nail length.

Unique Black Matte with Numbers


It can also be one of the best black matte nails to try. It looks unique because you make math design with numbers or sum pattern. It is appropriate for kids or other girls with different ages. The unique design becomes the attractiveness of this nail art.

What you need to do to apply this nail art is to use nail base first before painting the nails with black matte polish evenly. Then, create math pattern like the example above or your desired numbers. Lastly, finish it with nail top to add the durability.

Black Matte with Gold Polka Dots


This nail art also belongs to the best black matte nail designs. It is appropriate for any length of nail but the best is short nails. This nail art is simple so that it is easy to follow. However, it does not reduce the elegant look.

Because it belongs to the most recommended black matte nails, you should try this. Firstly, apply nail base. Next, paint your nails with black matte polish evenly. Then, create some polka dots with gold color on the base and edge of each nail. Lastly, finish it with nail coat to make it last longer.

Black Matte with Shiny Tips


This black matte nail art design uses wholly black polish. However, the base and tip are different because the bases are matte whereas the tips are shiny. If you want to have this nail art, you should let your nails grow longer.

You can try this black matte nails easily. Firstly, you just need to apply nail base. Then apply black matte polish on the bases of nail and shiny black polish on the tips of nail. Optionally, you can finish it with nail coat or not. It depends on your desire.

Black Matte with Beads


This is the next idea to try. It combines black matte and beads so that it creates a luxurious look. It is perfect for glamorous events like nigh party, wedding party, etc. However, it does not require you to spend much money.

If you are interested in this black matte nails, you can apply black matte polish like usual. However, make sure that you use nail base first to protect from chemical. Then, add beads on the nail tips carefully. To keep the beads in place, finish it with nail coat rightly. That is all the ideas that I can recommend to you. Hopefully you can find your desired nail design.

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