5 Prettiest Baby Blue Nails

Nail art is very important for girls. It has an important role to add the beauty for girls. If you are interested in nail art, I suggest you to consider light color. For example, baby blue nails may be suitable for you. If you have a plan to apply this nail art, you can consider the follow recommended ideas below.

Baby Blue Nails with Beads


This is the first nail art idea that is recommended to follow. It is simple but very interesting. So, everyone will be impressed if you try this nail art. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the best baby blue nail arts.

If you want to try this, make sure that you use nail base first for protection. After that, you can start painting your nails with baby blue nail polish evenly. Then, add beads for the accessories to enhance the look. To keep the beads in place and make it more durable, finish it with nail coat carefully.

Sparkling Baby Blue Nails


It also belongs to the most beautiful baby blue nails. So, if you are interested, you can consider trying this. It uses sparkle blue that looks very chic. It is appropriate for young girls or adult women. You can follow these steps if you are interested in this nail art.

Firstly, start it with nail base to protect your nails from chemicals. Secondly, apply the sparkling baby blue on your nails evenly and carefully. If needed, you can finish it with nail coat. It is simple, is not it? Anyway, it can be considered as one of the best baby blue nail art designs.

Natural with Baby Blue Tips and Stripes


It will also be a good idea for you to apply this beautiful nail art. This nail art is appropriate for you who want simple design. Anyway, it becomes one of the most chic baby blue nails. This is easy to follow. You just need to do these steps below.

First, apply nail base evenly on your nails. Second, apply the sparkling baby blue on the tips of your nail. Then, create some stripes with your desired detail. After all, finish it with nail coat. Besides easy to follow, this also belongs to the prettiest baby blue nail art design ideas so that you must try it.

Baby Blue Nails with Diamonds


If you want to look elegant, this nail art will be a good idea to follow. It requires you to shape your nails like cut claws. Besides, you also must prepare diamonds or other accessories to add the elegance. With this nail art, you will feel confident to attend any luxurious event. That is why it belongs to the best baby blue nails.

To try this nail art, firstly apply nail base evenly. Then, paint your nails with the nail baby blue nail polish you have prepared before. After that, add some diamonds on your middle finger nail and little finger nail. You can see how beautiful and elegant it is.

Baby Blue Footprint Nails


This is another best idea for this nail art. It combines light blue and white nail polishes to create a good impression. This is appropriate for little girls, teenage girls, and young girls. It is appropriate for informal situations

To apply this nail art, you must apply light blue nail polish on your nails except one where it should be painted with white nail polish. On the white one, create blue footprint design carefully like the picture above. Considering the beauty, there are many people who say that it belongs to the most chic baby blue nails.

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