5 Top Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

Today, nail art is more and more various. It functions to beautiful your look especially your arms. From various nail arts available, one of the most favorite nail arts is acrylic nail design. If you are interested in this nail art, you can get inspirations from this article below.

Acrylic Nail with Beads


This is the first acrylic nail art that you can try. This nail art is appropriate for you who love dark color. It looks very elegant and it is best for luxurious party or other luxurious events. It requires you to have long nails.

If you want to apply this nail design, what you need to do is to use nail base first. After that, beautify your nails with black acrylic evenly. Then, add some beads with certain details based on your desire. You can also follow the nail design idea above. Lastly, finish it with nail coat for the best result and durability.

Crown Acrylic Nail


This can also be a good idea for you who want to follow acrylic nail design. This nail art is appropriate for anyone and it can be used for elegant events like wedding or other elegant events. It requires you to cut your nails to be shorter so that you can design it more easily.

What you need to do if you are interested in this acrylic nail art design is to apply acrylic nail polish evenly. In this idea, I suggest you to use pink and black. However, make sure that you apply nail base first to protect your nails from chemical. Then, create crown design as you can. To finish it, apply nail top evenly. Let it dry and your nails will look very elegant.

Silver Acrylic Nail


If you like silver color, you can consider following this nail art. It uses fully silver color for this acrylic nail design. As we know, silver always looks elegant and beautiful. So, it is recommended so much for you. This elegant nail art is also easy to apply so that you can try this at home by your own.

If you want to follow this nail art, the first thing to do is to apply nail base first. Then, paint the nails with silver acrylic nail polish. The final step is to finish it with nail base or nail coat. If needed, you can also consider adding some accessories like beads, glitter, etc.

Clean and White Acrylic Nail


Everyone wants their nails look clean. So, this acrylic nail design idea can be a good idea to try. This nail art is best for you who have medium length of nail but it can also be applied on short or longer nails. It means that this nail art is flexible enough.

The first step to follow this nail art is by applying nail base first as usual. After that, you can start painting the nails with white nail polish evenly. Next, add 2 beads on your desired nails. Then, finish it with nail coat to make it last longer.

Pink Acrylic Nail


This is another acrylic nail that I can share. This nail design offers pink as the dominant color combined with white. So, it looks very chic and cute. Therefore, it is appropriate for teens or young girls but adults are also allowed. Even more, little girls may also apply this.

If you are interested in this acrylic nail design, make sure that you use nail base first for the safety. Then, create that design carefully. You can also add some accessories such as beads like the idea above. Lastly, finish it with nail coat for the durability.

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