The Beauty of Long Square Nails

To have a beautiful nail is one of the purpose for women to show thier beauty. The nail usually will be designed into beautiful appearance with some ways. If you are interested in this way, you can choose the idea of long square nails. This idea will change your nail appearance getting different. The beautiful appearance is easily shown in this way. In this idea, you will have many ideas to beautify your nail. Moreover, in this one, you will find the best 5 from the nail that can influence your performance better. You will get confident in any occasion.

The Top 5 Long Square Nails

  1. Enermous long acrylic square nails with tattoo

long acrylic square nails

This art is impressive. Your finger will be cute with the design art. The flower at the nail will look amazing and it can represent your personality who is cheerful. The power of this square nail is the transparency of the nail. The transparency and the acrylic material at the nail will make the nail looking different. This style will be suitable for you who have small finger and fair skin because it will increase the appearance of your fashion.

  1. Nail acrylic square


The style of this nail is simpler than the previous one. However, although this one looks simpler, this long square nails will show the beautiful appearance at your finger because of the color. The pink color which is used for this nail art is suitable for girls. Besides, this style is also suitable for any ages and any type of your finger. Because of that, you do not worry about your finger shape. To apply this idea is also not too difficult. You can apply it in your own home by your own hand. The combination pink color with long nail is good looking at your finger.

  1. Navy Blue long whale nail square


This square nail art is good of you who have dark skin. The design of this art is simple. However, the blue color at this nail will show the elegant appearance of the finger very well. The simple idea sometimes will offer the satisfaction appearance for you. This long square nails can be applied by your own hand in your home. Moreover, the design of this one is good for a woman. For the girl, this color is not matching because this one is dark whereas for the girls are good with the cheerful color at thier nail.

  1. Acrylic square finger nail shape



The idea of this long square nails is simple but elegant. The elegant appearance of this nail art can be seen at the color of the nail. This one uses the bright pink that will make the women looking cute. This idea also can be applied for any ages. This one is great for the girls because the color which is used for this will be suitable for them. Besides, this square nail art is also good for any skin. The acrylic substance which is used for the nail will make the appearance of the nail getting great.


  1. brown matte long square nail


This nail design is simple and elegant at the appearance. The matte at your bail will offer the elegant appearance at your nail. This nail art also will show the good color of the nail. The best one that can be found in this nail art is that it can be used for other type the skin and any type of your finger so that you will look beautiful with this long square nails type which is applied for your nail. You will not only look beautiful but you also will look elegant with this nail art.

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