The Beauty of Oval Shaped Nails

Choosing the best manicure will be the best idea for women to increase their beauty because the best manicure can increase the finger look different. The finger will look beautiful so that it can support the fashion appearance in any occasion. One of the best idea for pedicure is oval shaped nails. You will look more beautiful if you can choose the best color shape at your nail. The color will influence your finger very well. Furthermore, the most important thing that should you knows is that this oval shape is good for you who have longer nail because it will more beautiful. The concept of this shape have similar look to the almond but the oval will more soft and blunt. To know more about this beautiful nail, here are some oval shaped nail arts that can be applied for your finger nail.

The Best 5 Oval Shaped Nails

  1. White Oval shaped nail art


This nail art is very elegant. It looks simple in decoration art but it will show the impressive tone at your finger skin. This oval shape design art is suitable for you why have fair skin because the color which is applied for this design is natural color. Your finger will look longer and beautiful with this design. The polish at the art will shine your nail so that your nail will be impressive and interesting to increase your fashion.

  1. Acrylic Stiletto Oval nail


If you want to have the impressive oval shaped nails, this idea will be your best choice for your nail. The stiletto will be different with the almond shape because it will have drastic point. This idea will not be applied on natural nail. Moreover, the color appearance of this idea will be fantastic. The dark blue with glitter inside will increase appearance of your nail very well. Moreover, the polish at the surface of your nail also will make your finger looking beautiful.

  1. Black Oval Shaped nail

black oval shaped nails
black oval shaped nails

The best one that can be found in this black oval shape design art is the appearance of your nail. The nail will look calm and elegant and it also can be combined with all fashion which you loved. The combination color of black and grey at the nail also will make the appearance of the nail more charismatic.  This oval shaped nails will change your nail finger very well. Your finger will look longer and it will have a good tone. Because of that, you will be more confident in any condition with your nail.

  1. Classy oval shaped nail design


The classy design at the nail will show the exotic appearance at your nail. Although it has black color at your nail, the finger tone will be more beautiful with this nail art. The oval shaped nails will offer the simple design at the art but it will increase the finger nail very well. This idea will be suitable for a woman who has a friar skin at their finger. The combination of the color nail and color of the nail finger will influence your fashion very well.

  1. Gorgeous oval shape nail


If you want to have something new at your nail, it will be better for you to apply this oval shaped nails. The design of this art is gorgeous because of the color combination at the nail. The polish at the nail will increase the tone of your nail finger. This idea will be suitable for people that have a fair skin because it will show the colorful appearance at the finger. Your finger also will be beautiful with this idea at your nail.

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