Best 5 Easy Nails to Be Accepted At Home

Changing the make-up concept of nail will be something great to get the special look of your appearance. The nail art now becomes great trend for the teenage girls, which will be nice to update their performance and make them get higher confidence. However, sometimes, girls feel unhappy because they are difficult in accepting the concept of nail art. Here, we will deliver top 5 easy nails, which could be the idea for you. See some examples of it below. Really, those examples are really easy to do and it will be the best way to have more beautiful finger!

Lovely pink and silver glittered nail


As its name, this one of the easy nails is great with the combination of silver and pink in nail coloring. This idea is great with simple motif of nailing color in a finger. To apply this idea, apply the silver-glittered nail polish in your four fingers. You could see the image but actually, you are free in accepting it. Then, in another finger, apply the pink nail polish as the background of special nails artand add the sliver-glittered nail polish to make a motif there. You just need to make a bold line and the effect of it is you will have such as stop sign in your nail. Very cute to do!

Rooty pink and white nail


Creating a root motif in the nail art maybe could be one of the special idea for you. It is one of the nice and cute idea to do. What make this one of easy nails special is the great look there. You could see the image and look how cute the root motif separate the nails in the middle. To apply this idea of nailing, separate your nail into two part horizontally. Then, color the part of it with fresh pink nail polish and another part with the white polish. Then, create a great root freely using the nail pen.

Simple white dotted


This kind of easy nails could be one of the nice alternatives for you. This idea of nail art is special with the cute and elegant result with its dots. Here, you will need three different nail polish to accept it. For the first, make sure that you have a clear nail. Here, you need to separate the nail with aslant line. Make a gradation with two colors of green. Then, in the aslant part, make a dot as the natural line. The white dots will make the nail looks so cute and beautiful. Very well to be applied for active girls.

Flowered black and red nail


When you want to have bold result in accepting special nails art, the flowered black and red nail could be one of the special choice. Combination of black and red as the basic color of it shows the modern detail of nail art. Here, you could do some creative ideas in coloring the nail using black and red nail polish. In some nails, you could accept the plain red nail polish. Then, in other nails, you could accept the combination of red and black. Add the flower motif in two fingers – as it could be seen in image to make it elegant.

Black and white top nails


Combining black and white as the color of nail arts could be the great idea for you. The kinds of neutral colors will make the nails looks sporty and elegant. As in the image above, you could see that the focus of this one of easy nails is in the top of nail. Here, maybe you will need a longer time in applying the theme because you need carefully to create an abstract motif inside this special nails art. Start to cover the top of nail with white nail polish. Then, create abstract motif with black pen for nails. Do your best with high creativity.

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