The best 5 of Long Nail Designs

To look beautiful, women have many ideas to make them looking different. They can do makeup or wearing the latest fashion to increase thier appearance. Moreover, some of them also do something at their nail. Their nail can increase thier beauty if women can design thier nail into beautiful looking. They usually will let their nail longer and decorate the nail. If you love this idea, you can apply one of the best long nail designs that can increase your beauty very well. In this idea, you will find the best design which is suitable with you to increase your beauty. There are many designs that can be applied but you can choose the best 5 in this nail designs that can be chosen for your nail.

  1. Long nail art design for summer


This nail design is impressive to apply at the summer. The design looks simpel but it has beautiful decoration at the nail. The decoration of this nail look natural so that your nail will be elegant. The combination of the color for your nail which is cheerful is also suitable for summer. The color combination of this art is also simpe but elegant. It will represent your life which is cheerful. The design of this nail will look sharp to show the attractive design at the nail.

  1. Y-Long Zebra Nail Design


This long nail designs are unique and cute. The combination of the black and white at the nail will show the cute appearance of your cute. Moreover, the decoration between black and white also will be added some flickering at the nail that will make your nail getting beautiful. Actually, this nail design is simple at the color. However, the combination color and the decoratioon of the color in this nail will make your finger looking impressive and glamor. Different with the previous style, this design is suitable for square nail because it will make the color of the nail looking better.

  1. Beautiful long nail design


This nail design is impressive. It will look glamor with beautiful decoration art at the nail. Moreover, this design will be suitable for you who love to have very long nail. The blue color with beautiful flower at this nail will increase your fingerappearance very well. The design will show the high class of your nail very well. You will be a center of attention if you apply this nail art because you will look amazing with this nail decoration.

  1. Long acrylic silver nail design


The design of this art is simple but the acrylic of the nail will make the class of the nail higher. This long nail designs will have different design at each nail. This different will make your nail appearance getting glamor. Other people that look at your nail also will not be bored because you have various design at the nail. The combination material which will show the blinking at the nail will make this design loved by every women. The blinking design at this nail will be power at your nail to make other people getting interested.

  1. Long silver nail Design for Summer


The design of this art will be impressive. Different with other summer design, this long nail designs will not show the cheerful design at the nail. However, this nail will have power appearance at the silver look at the nail. The silver art at this nail will make the appearance of your nail getting glamor. The decoration of this art also will amaze you because it will beautify your nail very well.

Those are the best 5 from long nail designs that can be chosen for your nail. Different design of the nail will show different appearance at your nail. Every design will give different looking at your nail so that your appearance will be more beautiful with this nail art.

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