Best 5 Short Almond Nails Art Design

Nail art as an art present various style of nails that is appropriate with our finger’s shape including short almond nails. An almond nail design is one of the most favorite thing girls would love to do. This shape is unique with the shape that is perfectly similar with almond design. The figure of the nail is wide in the base and getting pointed in the tip of nails. Below are several designs that may inspire you.

Beautiful Almond Nails with Flower Painted and Sparkle


This pretty nail design uses two colors as the basics. It is white color as the base for painted flowers and the dark turquoise color for diamond sparkling. The way of doing these short almond nails is by firstly cleaning the nails. If your nails are kind of short, you can illuminate the height and make it quite longer by adding the acrylic nails that has been shaped into diamond model.

Then after applying the basic colors, you can start to make flower petals with small and pointed brush. Combine pink and white colors to create baby pink flower petals and add leaves with light turquoise colors. When it is done you can continue to apply the sparkling accessories with nail gun to the nails with dark turquoise base. Then the last step is applying the top coat with transparent color and your pretty short almond is done.

Simply Ordinary Pink and Sky Blue Almond Nail Art


Short almond nails do not always come out with complex designs that are done with complex techniques as well. If you do not have much time to do nail art then just simply applying two pastel colors with pink and blue and then it is done. You only need to set the colors arrangement prettily. Just like the photo above. You can apply the sky blue colors for all four fingers except the ring finger. Then the only pink color is applied in the ring finger.

Unique Abstract Almond Nails Model


This unique almond shaped nails acrylics is stand out with its special design. The basic white matte color does not look plain because of the abstract designs that are applied above it. The designs combine the grey monochromatic colors. It shows unique pattern that can be done through various brushes like angled French brush, striper brush, detail brushes, and fan brushes. The detail looks just fantastic.

Lovely Sparkling Two Colors Almond Nail Design


Short almond nails can look lovely and luxurious in one package. The way of doing this is by applying two gradation colors. Those are aqua blue as the starting point and end it with the baby pink as the pointed colors. However, you do not have to apply it all for five fingers. Just apply the gradation colors for three or four and the remaining is painted with aqua blue color only or with baby pink.

After that, paint the love design with angled French brush or striper brush. Make a tiny line, showing a sign of love. Applied it for four fingers and the remaining one is applied with full of jewel grains. This lovely nail art may be done a quite longer especially when making the gradation colors but the total look make it worth.

Fancy Burgundy Matte Almond Nail Design


Short almond nails will not completed without applying the matte color. The matte color looks unique because it shows coarse colors that look enchanted. You do not need to apply the top coat and only apply the base colors. The base color should have been blended with particular material to produce the matte color. Then after the matte color is done you only need to apply it with brushing nail. This matte can also be done for medium almond nails or long nail type.

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