Best 5 Toe Nail Design with Simple Ideas

Having pretty finger nail polishes seems does not completed without applying the toe nail with toe nail design as well. Even though applying the nail polish into the toe seems rather harder than applying it into finger nail but this is worth thing to do. Your appearance will look totally perfect with finger and toe nail done. Then what kind of designs that you can use for nail polish? Below are five interesting design that look enchanted.

Summer Toe Nail Design with Stripes and Oil Palm Pattern


This summer toe nails looks really match with the season. The heat up season that identically refer to holidays and beach will be shown even more by applying this design for your toe nails. The way of creating this nail is also simple. The first thing you need to do is preparing five nail colors types. Those are white color for basic, the light blue, purple, shinning black, and the last one is silver color.

Then the steps that you need to follow are firstly applying the white basic color for the base. Apply this color for your thumb toe. Then make stripes using striper brush. Apply the light blue at the first section with a quite wide strip the followed by the thin purple strips. Apply the silver strips with thin striper brush and below is the purple stripe with bigger size. After the stripes are done then make a design of oil palm tree using angle French brush, striper brush, and detail brush. The toe nail design is almost done.

The next step that you need to follow for toe nail design after creating the oil palm tree design with black color is applying the other plain color for the remaining nails. Apply the light blue color next to the thumb nails then the purple is followed to the next nails. Before applying the silver color for the little toe, you can apply the basic white or light blue to the nails. Do finishing by applying transparent nail polish there. This easy toe nails design is done properly.

Sparkling Navy Blue Toe Nails Designs


This navy toe nail design looks really pretty and sparkling. The dark blue color that is applied for the base, combines with the sparking nail polishes various dust material design, makes a perfect configuration. The total look of this design is just enchanted. The way of how to create it is easy as you only need to apply the basic dark blue color at the first. Then after it dries you can apply the sparkling nail polish only in half side of the nails. Then apply the transparent color for top coat finishing. It is easy yet presents really fascinated look.

Simple Layered Pattern for Easy Toe Nail Design


If you love simple thing for your nail then this design probably really match with you. You only need to lay out four colors nail polish. Those are dark purple, light blue, navy grey, and black. Then apply the three different colors into sideway position starting from the light blue, then purple and navy grey just what you can see from the thumb toe nail design. After it is done, take a stripper brush and make a layered line using black colors. Then the last step is pin up the crystal stones and bead using tweezer tool in your nails. Do the same steps for the remaining nails.

Luxurious Gold Sparkle in Black Color Nail Design


This toe nail design is probably really good for you who are looking for extravagant look with gold that looks expensive and special. The magic point of this design is the sparkling gold nail polish and the sparkling pattern material that is placed in the thumb toe nail. The steps are firstly done by applying the dark black color for four fingers and leave the middle toe alone for sparkling gold nail polish. After that, apply the gemstone sticker pattern into the thumb toe nail design before the nail is dries. Then the last step is using transparent nail polish for shiner look.

Pretty Pink Nails with Rainbow Dots


If you like simple design then this easy and cute toe nail design seems really appropriate for you. The cherry pink color that is applied can show the sense of blooming spring in the season. And the dots pattern design with rainbow colors makes it perfect. The key of creating this design is applying the dots pattern only in the thumb toe nail while the others are leave for one cherry pink color. Do not forget to apply the transparent color nail polish for brighten finishing.

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