The Fantastic of New Nail Designs

If you are bored with your nail appearance, it will be important for you to get the new nail designs. This idea is impressive for you because the new design will offer the gorgeous and beautiful appearance at your nail finger. There are many types of this design that can be applied for your nail. However, you can find the best 5 of this nail design that can improve your appearance very well. The design is interesting with some cute and beautiful design at your nail. This pedicure will make your nail getting different and also will support your fashion very well. Because of that, you should choose the best one for your nail.

The best 5 of new nail designs

  1. Extraordinary simple new nail design


The design of this nail is cute and beautiful. The design looks complicated but this is simple. The combination color between dark brown and white will show the impressive appearance of your nail. The design can be applied for a girl to make their appearance looking different. This new nail designs is also suitable for any type of the skin so that if you have a dark skin, you can apply this pedicure idea for your nail. This idea will change your character because the new nail art will make your appearance getting cheerful.

  1. New Nail Art Design 2016

new nail art designs for short nails

Different with the previous model, this new nail designs will have art design that can increase your nail appearance very well. The art decoration in this design has high art decoration that will make your nail getting gorgeous and beautiful. It can be applied for any type of skin and nail finger so that you do not worry if you want to have this new art for your nail. You also can find some variation art which is you loved and applied at your nail. Your finger will look beautiful with this art design.

  1. New Year nail art Design ideas


This new nail designs will be similar with the previous type of nail art. However, the color of this pedicure is more cheerful.  Besides, the design of this pedicure is also rather different because not all your nails are painted. There are painting combinations at your nail that will make your nail appearance getting interesting. This nail art design will be suitable for you who have thin and fair nail finger because it will increase your finger very well.

  1. Amazing new nail art Design


If you are looking for the cutest nail art design, you can apply this nail art decoration at your finger. The hello kitty design at the nail will show the cute and pretty appearance. The design is suitable for the girl because it will represent their character at the nail. Besides, the combination color in this design which has colorful scheme at the nail also will make the nail looking beautiful. The design will be suitable for you who have thin finger because it will increase your appearance when you want to go in the certain occasion.

  1. New Amazing nail art design


This design is cute and beautiful for the girls. The cheerful color at the nail finger will increase the appearance of the girl very well. The new nail designs that can be seen in this design is the combination of the pink and white color at the nail. It looks simple, but the combination is impressive because it can increase the appearance of the nail. The small flower decoration in this nail design also will add the cute appearance of the nail color at your finger.

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