What are gel nails and kinds of its ideas?

Nowadays, nail art is one of the trend of woman when they want to renew their appearance. We all know that women always try to have an excellent look in their appearance. They will do everything in order to get the better look. The nail art is used to renew the look of fingers. For those who have the high attention in beautifying appearance, we are sure that nail is also one of the important thing. Do you know what are gel nails? Well, it is one of the idea of nail art, which is excellent with the simple detail in appearance. Here, we have some examples of the great gel nails to inspire you.

Simple natural gel nail


As we have said above, when you ask about what are gel nails, here you could see that it is a nice idea of nail art with the simple look. The first idea of the nail idea here is the simple natural gel nail. This idea of nail art is nice with the good look in face of nail. You could see the image above. How simple it is! The plain bright brown polish is accepted in four nails to crease an elegant touch in nailing. Besides, the combination of brown glittered nail polish make a different effect there. For those who want to have modern idea, it could be their first choice.

Blue abstract motif nail


The blue abstract motif nail could be the good idea of gel nails, which you may choose. The excellent matter of this idea is the use of blue as the basic color of nail idea. We could see the beauty of blue through the image above. The blue color show a calmness as the sea. In other hand, the idea of nail art is also nice with the abstract motif in each nail. You could see how every nail has a different design in motif above. Try to color your nail – or extension with the blue gel nail polish wholly and then create a creative motif above it.

Black gel nail

cute gel nail polish colors
cute gel nail polish colors

Sometimes, woman is bored with the bright color of the nail art. Here, when you feel this matter, you could accept the black gel nail as the idea of nailing. This idea of gel nail is great to renew the look of your fingers. The power of this nail idea, of course, is the use of black as the basic color. Here you don’t need to have special technique to apply it. When you ask about what are gel nails, it could be the nice example of it. You could color your original nail with the black polish or use the extension to have neat result in nailing.

Bloody red gel nail


Another great color to be applied in the nail art is the red. We all know that red is full of spirit, which will make the people getting their best day. Here, one of the great nail art using the red color is the blood red gel nail. The special matter of the idea of nail art here is the use of the blood red as the basic color. See the image above and value how romantic this example is! It could be the answer when you ask about what are gel nails. Besides, you don’t need to create any motif there, so this nail art idea is easy to be used for everyone.

Bright orange gel nail


The bright orange gel nail becomes the last idea when you want to have a nice look of finger make up. What is the special touch inside this nail idea? Well, the bright look of the orange is great to make your fingers look fresher than before. It will make your appearance looks younger than your exactly age! Start with applying the medium nail extension in your fingers. After it, color the extension using the bright orange nail polish fully. I am sure that this simple idea could be the great answer when you ask about what are gel nails. Apply this idea and the get more beautiful fingers!

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