How to do nails with unique and excellent look ?

Nowadays, nail art becomes one of the modern trend, which will be nice to help teenage girl increase their appearance. We all know that girls want to have an excellent look in attending some agendas with their friends. However, some girls still don’t have experience in knowing about how to do nails. By the importance of nail art, here we will deliver some matters about way to do nails, which you could try at home. We also have some examples of it, which will be nice to inspire you in nailing. See the example of it below and make your appearance looks more wonderful!

Abstract turquoise lines


When you want to have a dark look in nail art with some excellent motifs, we think that abstract turquoise lines could be one of an excellent choice. Yes, it is one of the easy ways in how to do nails, which you could do to beautify your nail. Here, you just need to find the turquoise nail extension. Apply the extensions in your fingers and color it with the black nail polish fully. Besides, before the polish is getting hard, make the abstract line of it, as it could be seen through the image. We are sure that it will make your fingers look more attractive.

Simple pink and classic nail


Some girls still want to have a classic result in accepting the nail art. We all know that the classic nail art will deliver a unique look over the fingers. Here, one of the great idea of the nail idea with easy ways in how to do nails is the simple pink and classic nail. As its name, the power of the nail is in the use of pink as the background and classic motif in the motif. Accept the pink nail extension in your fingers. Check the image and you could see that it uses the short nail extension. After it, make an abstract flower in the corner of every nail extension using the black nail pen. It is so easy, isn’t?

Finland motif nail


We think that this idea of nail art will be one of the great choice for you. Yes, it is also one of the simple choice in ways to do nails, which will make your fingers look greater than before. The special matter of this nail idea is the unique motif of it. As its name, this nail idea uses the Finland flag as the motif of it. To accept this nail art, you need to use the pale white nail extension. Take the nail extensions in your fingers. Then, upper the extension, create a motif like a flag of Finland – see the image. Then, add the small accessory in the crosswise.

Cool watermelon nail


Do you like consuming watermelon? Well, this fruit is one of the special fruits for everyone because the fresh and sweet taste. It will be nice when you accept the watermelon as the concept of nail art! Here, the cool watermelon nail could be the nice way in how to do nails. This idea of nail art will make you have a unique nail. Accept the nail extension. Start the nailing by parting the nail with the white line. Color the top of nail with green nail polish and the bottom with red nail polish. Add the black dots as the seeds of watermelon in the red bottom nail.

Various abstract nail


Another nice idea when you want to have unique look in process of how to do nails, various abstract nail will be the great idea. As its name, what make the nail idea special is the abstract motif there. You could see the image above and find that it has different motif in all fingers! To do this nail idea, color your nail with bold white nail polish. It will make the nail has neutral look. After it, accept the abstract motif to beautify the nail concept. Be creative in this process. You could see the image for example but you allow doing the different style!

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