Removing Gel Nail Polish and Nice Examples of It

It is great to know the kinds of nail art ideas. Yes, the nail art now becomes the trend of teenage girl when they want to renew their look with more beautiful appearance. With the use of the nail art, they will have unique look in their fingers. In this occasion, we will talk about the kinds of gel nail polish with unique nail art for the inspiration. Besides, some people maybe don’t know the way in removing gel nail polish. Actually, the way of it is so simple. People could use the hair spray or nail remover to clean their nail extension. Rub the nail carefully using cotton.

Plain purple nails


Talking about the idea of the nail art, plain purple nail could be one of the special ideas for you. Yes, it is one of the modern styles of nail art, which will be nice to increase the look of you in attending formal agendas. The beautiful purple make the fingers look so sleek. We are sure that women will get higher confidence here. In other hand, the plain style also provides the simple way in accepting the idea. You just need few minutes to color your nail with the purple polish. Then, in removing gel nail polish, you could use the nail remover.

Gold glittered gel nail


The gold glittered gel nail becomes the second great idea, which you may choose. As its name, here the fingers of you will get an excellent look with the effect of gold glittered. The nail will blooms like a rose in the twilight. Besides, the combination of special gel with the gold glittered also will make the nails look luxurious. It is kind of great nail art for the teenage girls. Besides, in removing gel nail polish, of course you only need a simple way. Put the hair spray in cotton and use it to rub the nail carefully.

Regular reddish gel nail


When you want to have simple but beautiful nail art, the reddish regular nail polish could be the idea for you. You can see the image and value how simple this idea of great gel nail polish! Simple red nail polish colors your fingers. You will have an excellent and beautiful nail every day! Here, this idea of nail art is very easy to be applied. You just need to clean up you nail, accept the nail extension and then color the nail using the red nail polish fully. As its image, this idea of nail art is excellent for those who have clean and bright color in their skin.

Dark purple gel nail


Purple is one of the excellent colors and some women love it much. It will be nice to accept this color in coloring the nail. You could see the example in image above. That is so beautiful, isn’t? The dark purple will renew the style of your nail greatly. It shows the modern look with elegant touch. When you confused in choosing the color of the nail, really it could be the excellent choice for you. Besides, the way in removing gel nail polish here is very easy and it only need few minutes. Put the hair spray in the cotton. Then, rub the face of the nail patiently.

Bright blue gel nail


The last idea of the great nail idea, which you may apply, is the bright blue gel nail. It is one of the special ideas of the nail art, especially when you want to have a simple and elegant idea in nailing. As it could be seen in the image above, the idea of nail art is very sleek. The bright blue show the modern touch and it is clean with the plain motif there. In other hand, it is also simple to apply the nail idea here. Apply the nail extension and color the extension using the gel nail fully. In removing gel nail polish, you are able to buy the nail remover.

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