Top 10 Blue Nail Art & Blue Nails Designs Worth to Realize Yourself


Every girl would want to look cute and stylish every day. They would pay attention to style every detail of their body. It includes their nails as well. Nails might be small parts of our body. However, decorating them mostly enhance our overall look. What we mean by decorating them here refers to making blue nail art & blue nails designs on them. To do so, you can consider various different designs to realize by yourself. Give us the chance to tell you the top 10 ones here.

Blue Nail Design with Horizontal Strip Artblue-nail-design-with-horizontal-strip-art-1

When it comes to making blue nail design with strip art, you can be creative with the tone you choose to use. It should be enough to make simple horizontal strip art look all the more stunning to look at. You can see the example yourself in the image above. It has the nails polished in navy blue entirely. To give rich touch on this design, you have to draw two horizontal stripes with golden nail polish near the top of the nails. It would suit better if you wear golden ring

Of course, that is not the only way you can be creative in such strip art. This second example of this art is worth to consider as well. First of all, you will have to polish all of your nails entirely in white. Then, use glitter navy blue polish to make some horizontal strips however you like. You can make blue nail art design just like the one shown in the second image above. You don’t have to make them all have the same art. Sometimes, different ones can look nicely chic and cute.

Blue Nail Design with Pretty Glitter ArtSONY DSC

It is nail art design we are talking about here. You can always be creative with everything. You don’t have to use other colored nail polish if you don’t want to. Why not using some glitter instead then? However, since it won’t look nice with plain blue and glitter, we suggest you to make gradation of blue color just like what is shown in the image. You see the color changes from navy blue to blue sky. With glitter all over, your nails would look like starry sky in the dark of the

Other way you can consider to be creative with pretty glitter art is by simply using some of it on the nails. Since you are going to use some, there is no need to make color gradation. So, you can just polish your nails in navy blue color. Get some glitter around the top of each nail. This should do the job to finish this blue nail design. It is easy, isn’t it? Not to mention, you should be able to get things done in a matter of some minutes. It makes perfect nail design if you are in hurry. If you need another reference for your nail art, please visit this beautiful nail design for girls.

Blue Nail Design with Silver Pattern Artblue-nail-design-with-silver-pattern-art-1

Indeed, there are various ways you can design your nails with. If you wish to have rich look on your nails, you don’t have to go with golden nail polish. Silver one should be enough to do the job for you. This kind of blue nail art & blue nails designs here for example, looks richly beautiful, right? All you need to do is to polish the entire nails in navy blue. Then, you can start working on the pattern art with silver nail polish. For Christmas theme, you can draw Christmas tree, stars, etc, and Top 10 Stunning Acrylic Nail Designsblue-nail-design-with-silver-pattern-art-2

Do we have to use navy blue color? No, you can always use other hues of blue color. Blue sky is one nice color which is beautiful with its soft tone. Of course, even with such soft color, it can look nice to be used as the background of silver pattern art. For nature theme, you can draw flowers, leaves, and such like shown in the image above. Sure, you can draw other nature pattern. The look you get will be pretty much the same with one in the image. It is soft but still nicely beautiful.

Blue Nail Design with Black-White Strip Artblue-nail-design-with-black-white-strip-art-1

We are sure that you are well aware that strip art is pretty much common in nail design. It is the easiest one to make after all. That being said, there are actually many ways you can try to make such art. The simplest one of all would be the blue nail design idea shown above. First, you need to polish blue nail polish on the nails. You can then start the sideways strip art from inside. So, draw black line, then white line, black line again after that, and so on till the corner of each of the

Do you want chic but still simple one to make? If that is the case, we suggest you to realize this design idea we have here. Polish your nails with turquoise nail polish for shiny chic look. Then, you can stroke your brush with black nail polish to make sideways strip at the corner of each nail. Once you are done with that, just give one stroke of white nail polish from the left below the black strip and one more store from the right below the first white strip and you are done with that.

Blue Nail Design with White Polka Dot Artblue-nail-design-with-white-polka-dot-art-1

Let’s get away from the strip art here. This time, we suggest you to make polka dot art instead. The image of nail design idea above is the simplest one to make. Of course, it still has cool look on it. To realize such idea, you need to polish your nails with shiny navy blue nail polish like shown in the image. With that, it should leave a bit glittering look on the nails. Then, just use white nail polish to make big and small polka dots in sideway manner. You will get your nails look nice with

There is another nice way you can design your nails with white polka dot art. For this kind of blue nail art & blue nails designs, we suggest you to make two-colored background. So, paint more than half the nail in navy blue color. Then, paint the rest with white color. Once both polishes properly dried, you can start your polka dot art. Make big line of it in sideway manner. For the blue background, make white dots, while for the white background, you need to make blue dots.

Blue Nail Design with Leaf Pattern Artblue-nail-design-with-leaf-pattern-art-2

Leaf pattern art is pretty much popular to be made for nail design. Why, of course, it is because such pattern art is easy to make after all. That being said, you can still be creative in your way of making one. The image above shows one nice example of it. It starts with making the background with navy blue nail polish. Then, you need to stroke pairs of two to three leaves with blue sky nail polish on the navy blue nails. After that, stroke silver nail polish to border the leaves like seen

Yes, that is not the only leaf pattern art you can make in nail design. You can always try this one instead. It is if you like rather soft look on your nails. That is why you will need to polish your nails in blue sky first. Then, you can simply stroke your brush to make branches of leaves with white nail polish. This should give you cuter look compared to the first leaf pattern art before. Not to mention, this nail design art in blue is easy to make. You should be able to realize it real quick yourself.

Blue Nail Design with Zebra Pattern Art

When it comes to nature theme for nail design, zebra pattern art is pretty much common and popular too. As you know, zebra pattern art gives you the exact look of the skin pattern on zebra. Yes, we have to make strip pattern, to be exact. Like shown in the image above, you start by brushing your nails with blue nail polish. Once it is dried, you can stroke your brush with black nail polish to make pairs of black strip all over the nails. Just don’t make it too crowded

If you want similar bur nicer look, you can consider this one here. Well, at first glance, it is not any different than the one shown in the first image. Even the color used is pretty much the same. However, if you look at it carefully, the blue polish is lighter in its color. Furthermore, even when you have to make the stripes in black, the way to make them is different. In this nail design, you will need to make single strokes of black polish from right and left in turn. See? It has nicer look, right?

Blue Nail Design with Flower Pattern Artblue-nail-design-with-flower-pattern-art-1

How about making some flower pattern this time? Although flower pattern is easy to make, it does vary in the way you make one. It is not only about making the pattern, but also about the color choice you choose for it. This kind of blue nail art & blue nails designs we have here is the most common way of all. Yes, you begin with making navy blue background on the nails. Then, you make flower pattern in small dot surrounded by small stripes circularly with white nail

Now, how about we use the colors in different way? However, we suggest you to use silver nail polish instead of the white one for more apparent look. So, use the silver one to cover the entire surface of your nail first. Once it is dried you can start making flower pattern with navy blue nail polish. Instead of making small flowers too, it would be good to make the bigger ones here. See the image above? That would be the nice look you will get if you design your nails in this way.

Blue Nail Design with Strip and Dot Artblue-nail-design-with-strip-and-dot-art-1

We would say that this is the suitable design idea to go for nails with square tip. You don’t have to make them pointed just so they can look nice. Give this design idea a try then! First of all, you will have to use clear nail polish to give shiny look on the nails. Just use blue sky one for the tip of the nails. Then, you can casually make curvy stripes of white and cross it with black ones. To add chicer look on, you can consider making white dots along the black strip and blue tip of the

If you want richer and more elegant look, this design idea is worth to realize. Just like the first idea above, you start with clear nail polish to give shiny look on your nails. Then, instead of using blue sky nail polish, it is better to use navy blue one instead for around the tip of the nails. Then, make thin sideway stripes of silver on the blue part. You can also make star art in silver there. Then, finish it by making some silver dots on. There you go. You get this design idea nicely done with nice look.

Blue Nail Design with Crossing Line Artblue-nail-design-with-crossing-line-art-1

You don’t have always to make stripes in the same direction for your nail design. If you can think more creative, you should be able to come up with better and better look with simply strip pattern art. See the image of nail design with such art above? It has blue sky nail polish covering the entire surface of the nails in the background. Then, you need to start working on the art by using white nail polish to make sideway lines, then vertical lines, and sideway lines from other

Yes, that is not the only way for you to make crossing line art. How about realizing this kind of blue nail art & blue nails designs then? Rest assured! It is not complicated at all, although you need to use more nail polishes here. First of all, you need to polish the nail surface in navy blue. Then, make zigzag line from two different directions with silver nail polish. Use glitter clear one to follow the line like shown in the image. Finally, just make golden dot on each space you have within the lines.

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