Top 15 Easy Nail Art Design

If you are a girl, surely you have the urge of doing some nail arts on your nails. Well, it is not something girls should hold back from. Girls just love this kind of things after all. Not to mention, it can be sure to enhance your look as well. So, here I will give you 15 examples of easy nail art design to choose and try. Without any special tools, you will be able to work on them on your own. You don’t have to worry for they might take less time and effort than you would think of them before.

Reddish Nail Art with Dots Edge


This nail art is real simple. All you need to do is to put on reddish nail polish first, before you work on the border. Make black edge first to act as the background of the border. Only then, you can make some pink dots on that black edge. It might be simple in its design, but it is lovely on nails, you see. If you want to see pink nail designs please visit this page

Red Beat of the Heart Nail Art


This design of easy nail art might be way simpler instead. What you need to do is to use white nail polish first on your nails. Then, draw horizontal zigzag red line resembling those of heart beat on three nails. Draw red heart on the fourth nail and heart beat like again on the last nail to finish it.

Black and White, Dice Nail Art


As the name suggests, I am sure you know what to do to realize this nail art. First, you need to put on white nail polish. Work on your nails one by one. Make 2 black dots on one nail, 3 dots on the next nail, and so on just like the dots pattern on the dice. You don’t have to do it in order though.

Elegant, Purple-Black Nail Art


This easy nail art design is one elegant choice for you. Although you can the pattern as you like, the procedure is the same. You need to start with light purple nail polish first to make the background. Then, make sideways stroke of deep purple and make it again in different direction with black one.

Easy, White-Blue Sea Nail Art


It is just the best design for those who like blue sea color. You can start from inside. So, make wavy, sideways line of deep blue dots from big to small around the corner of the nail. Make white wavy, sideways line above the dots. Paint the rest above the line with deep blue and make white dots on it.

Lovely, Pink Nail Art in Pattern


Your nails would be lovely and cute with this easy design of nail art. First, make a background with pink nail polish. Then, make curved black lines from the corner like that of a grass. Make three black dots on its two sides. Last, give one line of silver nail polish in the middle of two grass leaves pattern.

Easy, Yellow-Green Nail Art


Now, let’s make one with the color of real grass here. Start things first by making yellow background for the art. Draw sideways, black line in the middle and make curved grass leave pattern in the corner. Paint the rest with glittering green nail polish and give one dot of it where the grass sprouts.

White-Blue Night Flowers Nail Art


This easy nail art design is pretty interesting to realize. What you need to do first is to make black background with nail polish this time. Then, make jasmine petals with white and deep blue ones above it. You can change the places though. Last, make dots of different color in the middle of them.

Elegant, Red Butterfly Nail Art


Anyone would be captivated with this design here. First, you have to paint glittering red nail polish as the background. Once it dries, make black lines of butterfly wing pattern like shown in the image. Finish this nail art by making white irregular dots on the outermost part that is on the black border.

Easy, Black-Turquoise Nail Art

ideas for nail art easy

This easy art design for nail here won’t even need significant effort to realize. All you need to do is to paint black nail polish as a background. Once it is done and dries, you can start make sideways lines of turquoise nail polish in random way. See? It won’t even take too much of your time to finish it.

Black-White, Zebra Nail Art


If you wear black white clothes, this design will be good to choose. Paint clear nail polish first. Then, paint the edge of your nails with white nail polish. Once it dries, give black lines on that very white part. Make sure your nails are long enough to work on the zebra pattern on that white background.

Girly, Black Ribbon Nail Art


This easy nail art design is also nice to try. Start by putting on clear nail polish on the entire nails first as foundation. Then, paint white nail polish on the edge of your nails. Make a border by giving black line between the white and the clear. Make ribbon and give a dot of clear nail polish in the middle.

White Sakura Nail Art in Red


You don’t have to worry. This one is easy to make too. First, you have to use burgundy/deep red nail polish on the entire nails. Once it is done and dries, you need to make Sakura pattern with white nail polish. Just make rather round petals and use stick or something to draw a small line in each petal.

Pink-White Dots Nail Art


There is other girly choice here. To work it on, you can start by painting pink nail polish on the entire nails to make the background. Then, paint the edge with white nail polish. Give the pink part with irregular white dots in one side. After that, give the white part pink dots instead in the other side.

Yellow-Black Nail Art with Ribbon


The last easy nail art design I want to share you here is pretty nice too, you see. You can make some nails with black dots in yellow background, but give the interval with different design. You can start with clear nail polish as background. Then, paint yellow nail polish sideways at the edge of the nail. Make black dots there and black ribbon too. Give one white dot in the middle to finish this design. If you make these two designs in turn, you can get the nicest result you might never imagine before. Wedding nails is perfect.

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