Top 20 Acrylic Nails Designs to Enhance Your Look

Today, nail art is more and more popular. Nail art or also well known as manicure is aimed to beautify nail girls. It is normally done by girls. In fact, girls always pay attention to the beauty wholly including the nails. If you are interested in it, I suggest you to plan acrylic nails. There are many designs that you can try. You can choose it freely as long as it looks good on you. Therefore, I will share some acrylic nails designs that you can follow. The following ideas look very impressive, if you want to see top 20 most beautiful design ideas for blue nails.

Almond Shaped White & Black


This is the first design that can be your idea. What you need to apply this nail art are polishes with black and white colors. Before applying the polishes, you have to cut your finger nails like almond shape. You can see the picture above as the reference. After that, paint some of your nails with wholly black whereas some others are white with black edges. Then, create some details like the picture above. To realize this idea, you have to be careful. However, the result is really beautiful, is not it? Or visit this best designs for glitter nails.

Baby Pink with Silver


If you like pink, you can also consider pink nail polish. After you prepare it, paint your finger nails with that polish wholly and evenly. It looks very chic, is not it? However, it is not enough. You can make it much more attractive with silver glitter. Apply the silver glitter on your ring fingers both right and left hands. Now, you can see how luxurious it is. It is appropriate for you who have either short nails or longer nails. Hopefully you love it.

Floral with Nude Paint


Too sharp is not a good idea for your finger nails. So, you should prioritize polish with light colors. Even more, you can consider nude paint. Of course, you cannot let it. You should add something else to make it much more attractive. It will be one of the best acrylic nail art designs if you add floral theme on the acrylic nude polish. It depends on you how to add the floral theme. If you need inspirations, you can follow the idea above. Do you want to look very beautiful with that nail art?

White & Gold Classy Acrylic Manicure


This is the next design idea of acrylic nails. It requires you to prepare white and silver polishes. This design is very easy to follow. Firstly, you need to paint your finger nails with white polish. After that, combine it with gold classy polish. The combination depends on your desire. For example, you can follow the inspiration above. You can imagine how elegant you are if you apply that nail art. So, it is your turn to realize it. With this nail art, you will also feel more confident surely.

Symmetric Shadings


It will also be a good idea for you to apply this nail art. In this design, you should combine 3 different colors of nail polish. They are white, pink, and silver glitter. You can combine it freely depending on your desire as long as they are symmetrical. As the example, you can see the picture above. With symmetrical design, it creates a very interesting combination. Because of the beauty look, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most beautiful acrylic nails designs.

Pink & Silver Showers


Pink is one of the most popular girly colors. That is why there are many girls who love pink. If you also like pink, you can try this nail art with pink nail polish. You have to make your finger nails pink wholly first. After that, you should add and spread the silver like showers on the pink background. You can see the result above. It is very pretty, is not it? So, you must consider trying this nail art.

Black with Multicolored Glitters


Mostly, girls do not like black nails. However, it can look elegant if you add something that makes it attractive. In this design, I suggest you to add multicolored glitters. This nail art is easy to apply. Firstly, you just need to paint all of your finger nails with black polish. After that, add the glitter on some of your nails. For example, you can add the glitter on your index and ring fingers. Because the glitter is multicolor, it looks very attractive. Therefore, it belongs to acrylic nails designs recommended to apply.

French Manicure with Twists


You can also consider this manicure nail art. In this design, you apply acrylic nail polish with some colors. For example, you can consider pink for your thumbs. For the index fingers, you apply orange and yellow. Yellow and green is good for your middle fingers. Then, light green and deep green can be combined on your ring fingers. Lastly, your little fingers look good with blue and purple. Do you have any other idea for this design? You can explore it with your own ideas.

Acrylic Valentine Manicure


Every girl wants to look perfectly beautiful in Valentine’s Day. In this romantic and special day, you should not appear conspicuous. Just keep yourself simple and add a little attraction. For example, apply light pink polish that looks similar to your skin color on your finger nails simply and evenly. Then, add some glitters on the edge of your index fingers like the picture above. You can also consider applying the glitter on other fingers as long as it looks great.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell


One of the most popular and best cosmetic brands is Victoria’s Secret. If you are looking for nail polish, you can also consider this brand because it is popular with its quality. You can look for nail polish with the colors like the picture above. Then, follow that design! It can be one of the most attractive acrylic nails designs. With this nail art, you will not only look beautiful but also elegant. Even more, you will also feel more confident so that you do not need to be unconfident anymore.

Black & Gold Magic


Black and gold are two different colors. However, you can combine them and it looks matched. This design also combines these two colors. Black is dark whereas gold is shiny. It becomes a very interesting combination. If you are interested in this, you can apply black polish for some nails and gold for some others. It will also good to combine them in one finger nail. The more various it is, the more attractive it will be. The example is on the picture above. It is very perfect, is not it?

Classic Combinations of Glitter


Now, glitter becomes one of the most favorite nail arts. If you are also interested in glitter nails, I suggest you to follow this. This idea offers classic design that makes you look elegant. To realize this nail art, you just need to combine some glitters on your finger nails. For example, you can start from the middle fingers where you apply red glitter. Then, apply blue and white glitters on the other finger nails like the picture above. It is very gorgeous, is not it? Now, you should apply it at home and be confident with this classic nail art. It belongs to the best acrylic nail design ideas.

Multicolored Shaded Manicure


I also suggest you to consider multicolored shaded manicure. This nail art comes with three different colors that create shaded look. The colors applied are purple, silver, and white. You have to be able to combine them all attractively. For example, you can start from your little fingers where you apply purple polish. For the ring fingers, silver glitter will be perfect. Then, combine white and silver glitter with zigzag accent for your middle fingers! The index fingers and thumbs are purple, too. It is really amazing so that you can try it.

Polka Dotted Fun


Polka dots can also look fun. It depends on the colors used. If you use dark colors, it will look elegant. However, it will look fun if you choose cheerful color like pink. In this idea, I try to make polka dots with black and pink colors. The result is really great. You can see by yourself on the picture above. So, if you want to look cheerful, you can apply this fun nail art.

Shaded Almond Shaped Nail Art


This manicure design is really beautiful. It applies almond theme. Besides the color, it also follows the shape of almond so that you should cut your nails like the picture above. This nail art design is simple to apply. To add the attractiveness, it will be a good idea to apply some beads. The beads should not be applied on all of your nails. In this example, I apply the beads on the ring fingers both right and left hands. Anyway, it becomes one of the most beautiful acrylic nails designs.

French Manicured Valentine’s Day Design


This nail art design is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. It carries romantic themed design. The dominant color used is red. At a glance, it may look difficult to apply. However, it is not difficult even you can do it at home. To apply this nail art, you can paint some of your nail tips with white polish. After that, add some details with red polish such as flower, ribbon, etc. For sure, you should apply red on each finger nail. Can you see how romantic and pretty it is? So, you will not be disappointed with this nail art design idea.

Dainty and Feminine Flower Themed Design


If you like girly and feminine looks, this nail art will be a perfect option to try. This nail art really has beautiful design with flowers. You should be able to create flower details with green leaves like the picture above. This nail art does not emphasize the color but the flower accents. So, it looks simple but beautiful. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most awesome acrylic nail art design ideas. Therefore, it is recommended to follow.

Corn on the Cob Themed Nail Art


There are many people who like unique nail arts. The more unique it is, the more attractive it looks. This design can be one of the most unique designs for manicure. With corn theme, your finger nails really look unique. You can also follow this design idea. Create corn on cob themed nail art on your all finger nails and let’s see how people are interested in your look.

Adorable Halloween Manicure


Nail art can also be customized to the situation. If it is Halloween night, this nail art design will be great. You can apply purple polish on your finger nail for the background first. After that, create some details such as spider, spider web, eyes, etc. You can create it based on your own creativity. Now, you can go to Halloween party and impress everyone around you with your nail art. You will be more confident in the party and the party will fell merrier.

Black & Red Minimalism


Sometimes, girls like nail art that looks sharp and minimalist like this design. If you also like this nail art, you can try this at home. This manicure can be practiced simply at home with black and red polishes. Combine them well and it creates amazing looks. For example, starts from your thumb, you can paint the base with black polish and paint the tip with red polish. The index finger applies the contrary where you apply black tip and red base. Continue this until your little finger. With this nail art, girls will look perfectly elegant.

That is all the top acrylic nails designs that I can share. You may find other design ideas that can be followed. Hopefully this can inspire you to find the best nail art design to enhance your appearance. From those ideas above, which one is best for you?

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