Top 5 Cool Nail Art to Try in Some Needs

It will be interesting for the girls to accept the beautiful concept of nail make up. Well, nail art now becomes the trend of young girls to increase their appearance. With new, nice and fresh concept of nail art, they will have higher confidence. Colorful nail will make their day looks lovely and better. Here, we will deliver about five examples of cool nail art, which you could use it as the idea to beautify your nail. Really, nail art is a sleek and easy concept to do. You don’t need to have special skills and longer time to do it at your home. See some nice example of nice and cool nail art below!

Cute panda on pink pattern


The cute panda becomes one of the nice choices for you. This idea of nice and cool nail artwill be one of the best and cutest choices for teenage girls. You could see the picture. Small panda occurs in the border of your fingers! To apply this nice and great nail art, you need to polish your nail with pink nail and then create the figure of panda with the white and black color. Cute panda will beautify your fingers and it will amaze your friends! This idea will be nice for those who want to gather with their special best friends.

Black zigzag with glitter


When you dream to make a simple nail art, it will be best for you to apply the black zigzag with glitter idea here. It is one of the special nail art, which will direct you to have a new look in your special appearance. The black zigzag in your nail make the fingers looks special and unique. To apply this nail concept, first polish the nail with neutral colors. After it, you could use the nail pencil and create the zigzag pattern there. The final step is adding the glitter. Glitter will make the nail so cute and really this cool nail art will make you look more beautiful!

Cute and colorful rabbit


Do you like a rabbit? Well, using the rabbit as the figure in applying the cool nail art concept will be something special for you. The cute of rabbit will be nice and fresh idea, which will beautify the look of your nail. You could see the picture above. See, how great is it? The cute of rabbit is combined with the colorful pattern, which will bring the different result in nailing. Here, you will need some colors of nail paint, as grey, light orange, light green and light purple. Of course, you are able to change the color of it. Then, create the unique rabbit as you see in the picture of nice and cool nail art!

Nice minion nail art


Minion becomes one of the favorite of teenage girls nowadays. This film is booming and everyone loves it so much. Don’t you think to use minion as the concept of your nail art? Well, accepting the minion in your cool nail art concept will be a different idea to increase your appearance. To accept this idea, of course you need to have images of minions. Draw their figures in your nail carefully. You can see the result of it by seeing the example of it above. Do your best with some unique finishing matters.

Colorful butterfly nail art


The butterfly still becomes one of the favorite and cool nail art for some girls. Here, as the one of the great way to beautify your nail, you could accept this idea. Creating a wing of butterfly with the nice color will beautify the detail of your nail. Maybe, you will need longer time in accepting this idea. First, you need to find the well combination of color to create the wing, such as the blue and green in the example. After it, create abstract lines to demonstrate the wing. Color the border of nail with black color and put some dots there.

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