Top 5 French Tip Designs for Best Nail Art

One of the great ideas in choosing the nail art is the French tip designs. Yes, it is one of the special nail art, which will deliver an extra beautiful look for the finger of teenage girls. We all know that teenage girl wants to have a perfect look in attending some agendas. With the new look of the nail art; we are sure that they will get back their confidence. Here, we have several ideas of the French nail art designs for your consideration. Something that you need to know is French styles are nice with its simple look and color.

Purplish abstract motif


This one of the French tip designs is kind of special nail art, which will beautify the look of your finger make up. Combination of three colors here looks so perfect, which will deliver the finger into an elegant detail. In other hand, the special touch of abstract motif also becomes the nice matter here. To start creating this design, polish the top of nails with a bold-white nail polish. After it, create abstract motifs there, as you could see in the image. Add simple accessory to make the 3D effect. This nail art is very nice to be applied for teenage girls everywhere!

Blue-glittered lines

nail designs french tips
nail designs french tips

For those who want to have simple design in their nail art, it will be nice to apply this idea. Yes, the blue-glittered nail becomes one of the special French nail design, which could be alterative by you. Seeing the image above, we could conclude that this nail idea is really simple and unique. The power of it occurs in the combination of color. It is also quite easy to be shaped. Color the top of nail using the bold-white nail polish. Then, in the corner of top of nail, create blue-abstract lines. Finish it by adding the glitter to make it more beautiful.

Elegant 3D white flower


The elegant 3D white flower could be the next idea when you want to apply kind of nice French tip designs. As its name, the combination of white flower with the 3D effect will beautify the look of your nail concept. It is very nice for those who want to have excellent nail art. To apply this idea of nail art, please accept the nail extension. Make sure that the extension is appropriate with your finger and has a sleek appearance. After it, color the top of nail with the white nail polish – as you could see in image. In other hand, add the nice white flower in the side of nail. You could apply the flower in two fingers or more!

Pink and silver glittered lines


This idea is one of the nice idea in choosing the French tip designs. What make this kind of elegant French nail design is the sleek combination of pink and silver as the color of it. The white nail in the top also will create a nice look to beautify your fingers. Here, this nail art is excellent to be used in every agenda, which you want to join. Start beautifying your nail by preparing the face of your nail. Make sure that it is clean. Then, color the top of nail with white polish and then create a simple and abstract line in every corner of nail. See the image. The combination of pink and silver glittered lines is very simple but sleek!

Orange and purple dots


The simple orange and purple dots will make your nails look so good and excellent. This idea is one of the great French tip designs, which you may try to beautify your fingers. This nail art is very easy to do. Here, you just need simple equipment to make your fingers look different. Start with clearing up the shape of your nails – or you may use the extension. After it, color the top of the nails with white nail polish. After it, make a simple dot using orange and purple nail polish. You could see the example in the image below. Focus in the one corner of nail in dotting.

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