Top 5 glitter Nail Designs For Excellent Look

Nail art now becomes one of the trend and interesting mode for the teenage girls in the way to beautify their appearance. The nice look of finger will make them looks more girly and beautiful. We all know that teenage girls want to look perfect in every condition and nail art will take a role there. Actually, there are many kinds of the nail art, which could be an excellent consideration for you. Here, we will talk about some kinds of the glitter nail designs with its unique look. See the image and you will know what you want to choose to find best glitter nail designs.

Simple and colorful


Simple nail art still becomes the favorite of every girl. By the simple concept of the glitter nail designs, we are sure that you will be easy in accepting it and you don’t need longer time in styling. The simple and colorful is one of the nice glitter nail art to be chosen. See the image. The power of the nail art is in the use of colorful combination. Here, you just need to clean your nails. After it, accept kinds of glitter there. In the image, you could see that there are three colors of glittered nail polish there.

Gold glitter


The luxurious gold could be acceptedas the motif of nail art. Yes, the gold glitter is one of the glitter nail designs, which will be nice to beautify the look of your fingers. The excellent look of the gold will make special effect in nailing. See the image above. Actually, this idea of nail art is very easy to be accepted. Prepare your nails by cleaning its face. Glittering your nail by the gold glitter. Be focus to glitter the top of the bail. Combine the glitter by making abstract dots there.

Natural silver glitter


Besides applying the gold glitter, the silver could be another excellent choice for you. Silver glitter will offer the natural and elegant sense in nailing. What make the natural silver glitter special as the one of best glitter nail designs is the pure sense there. To apply this idea of nail art, you could use the nail extension there. The nail extension will make your nail looks neat and clear. After it, accept the silver glitter on the nail. Focus to glitter the nail in the top of it. By focus in the top of nail, you such make a nice part in your nail!

Blue glitter


The next idea in choosing the glitter nail designs, which will be special in beautifying your fingers, is blue glitter. You could see the image and you will know how beautiful the navy when it is applied as the base color of nail art! In order to apply this nice glitter nail designs actually you only need to do simple thing. Accept the nail extension there. After it, color the nail extension with the navy fully – or you could accept the navy nail extension. Glitter the extension in some fingers and as you could see the image, do the different motif in two fingers!

Easy pink glitter


Pink always becomes the well and special choice for teenage girl, which will get new and excellent look in their appearance. Here, the last kind of glitter nail designs, which you could choose, is the easy pink glitter. As the name of it, this nail art is easy to do and it could be alternative for teenage girls. The excellent of this nail art is the pink look in the nail. Use the pink nail extension and shape it top of nail squarely. After it, add the glitter in the face of the nail extension and make it looks so colorful.

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