Top 5 Ideas of Flower Nail Art

We all know that there are many kinds of the nail art ideas, which could be the great choice when you want to renew your appearance. Accepting the nail art today becomes one of the trends of teenage girl to make their appearance more beautiful. Many concepts of nail art ideas are able to be chosen as the favorite. Here, we will deliver top 5 ideas of the flower nail art, which maybe will inspire you. The cute look of the flower with the colorful background will make the fingers look better. Take a sit and read some points of the well flower nail art below.

White flower in orange background


The first idea of the flower nail art, which could be your choice, is the white flower in orange background nail art. Well, it is one of the nice nail art to increase your confidence in gathering with your friends. What makes this idea of nail art special is the simple look of the color combination. You could see the image how beautiful the combination of orange and white is! Start by accepting orange nail polish as the background. Color your nail fully with it. Create a lovely flower upper the background carefully. It will be nice to create one or two flowers in every nail.

Cute simple flower


The cute simple flower becomes one of the great flower nail art, which you could apply to increase your appearance. The power of this nail art idea is the simply flower that combine some colors. To apply this idea, make sure that you have a clean and good nail. Here you could use the nail extension for choice. After it, create branches of flower using the brown nail polish. Be focus in the side of every nail. Then, create a nice small flower there as the motif. Do it carefully for the best result in nailing. Your nails will look so attractive!

Retro flower



A great and nice flower with retro style will be next consideration when you look for flower nail art in nailing. Yes, this idea of the nice nail art will be something special with the unique motif of it. The power of this nail art is in the use of some colors of nail polish. To apply this concept, block your nail with light blue nail polish. After it, create some different motifs each nail. For example, you make dots motif in a finger, create line motif and apply the flower motif in other fingers. You are able to show your creativity here. See the example for inspiration.

White small flower in pink pattern


The next idea of the flower nail art, which you can apply to beautify the look of your finger is the white small flower in pink pattern. It is one of the great flower nail art to be chosen because the unique result in nailing. You could see it in the example. Abstract and small white flowers occur beautifully in the face of nails! This idea is very simple to do. Start with coloring the nail with pink color as the background. Put the white nail polish abstractly in its face of nail. You are free to shape the kinds of flower, as you want!

Simple modified white


The simple modified white becomes the last choice about list of top flower nail art, which you could choose. The white background of this nail art idea is nice because it offers an elegant look. In other hand, the nice motif of flower also increases the art sense of the idea of nailing. Add the nail extension to make sure that you have neat and clean nails. After it, block the nail with white nail polish. Then, create a unique flower each nail by applying the red and black polish. You are able to see the example through the image.

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