Top 5 Sparkle Nails Design

Sparkle nails always look extravagant. This nail art is capable for any activity especially for party. The way how to create this type of nail art is various as well, starting from the simple version up to the hardest and complex version. The simple style may only need to polish the nails with one type of colors for the base and then applying the transparent top coat for finishing. Meanwhile the hard design will need more sparkling accessories to emphasize the extravagant look. Below are several designs that can inspire you.

Glowing White Nail Art


This Sparkle nails beauty looks so elegant especially the sparkling gold stars polish that is applied there. The first thing that you need to do is applying the glowing white color for the base. Then take some of sparkling powder with sponge. The spatter stars can be fixed with a help of fan brush. You can spread the sparkling powder in the flat surface and take it with sponge. If it seems hard then you can pinch the sparkle using your hand and just throw it down to your nails. After the sparkling shows good design then apply the transparent color as the top coat for perfect look.

Sparkling Lavender with White Stripes


The next nail art with sparkling and bling design that may interest you is this sparkle nails with lavender colors. The way to create this nail is really easy. What you need to is applying the sparkling nails contain with bubble design with dots dust that looks enchanted. Sweep all the nails with nail polish. Choose the lavender color to give more luxurious feel. After that take out one bottle of white nail polish and use striper and nail pens to create white wavy stripes. The combination of wavy white stripes and sparkling lavender colors create such a mermaid feel.

Sparkling Blue Sea Nail Art


The next pretty sparkle nails is the wavy blue sea colors that looks really match with beach and summer. This nail art is really easy and can be done only in minutes. The first step is by applying the light blue color or the base. Then choose the sparking polish nail with darker blue. The dark blue that contains with bubble dots sparkle makes a good headlight. You can continue to apply the sparkle nail polish in the top starts from the pointed nail to the half of the full length nail. After that wait until it is quite dries. Then apply the transparent color for the finishing. It helps to create more shinning look.

Sweet Lollipop Sparkle Nail Art with Lines


If casual and simple designs seem less extravagant then you may need to use this style. This stripped sparkling design is unique as it combines with two different base colors and sparkle nail. The base uses light purple and pink. These colors are also chosen for the sparkling nail. What makes it unique is because you have to make a cross line using paper. There is special paper kit that is used to create perfect lines in nails. This lines model is appropriate for both long and sparkling short nails.

Any type of your nails will look good with this perfect design. Then the first step you need to do to create these sparkle long nails is applying the purple color for the base. Apply the purple color for all nails. Then after it dries, stick in paper nail to nails and arrange it into the side ways. Put it out from the pointed to the half of nail length. Place it in an oblique side. After that, take out the pink color and apply it into the remaining space.

Then after waiting the polish nails dries, cover the nail using strips. Do it for two stripes that are placed in sideways position. Take out sparkle purple nail polish and applied it to the nails that are not covered with paper. Then for the base side, use the pink sparkling nail polish instead. Then after you have done all the nails, take the transparent nail polish and apply it in all over the nails. This pretty sparkle nails is done.

Baby Pink Shinning Nail Art


If the previous design seems quite complex though presented stand out design, this model probably a good suggestion for you especially if you are in hurry and want to go for some occasion like office meeting or friend’s birthday party. This sparkle nails is a good choice. It is done in one magical sweep. The first step you have to do is looking for the pink baby color with sparkling like what is seen above. After that, apply it for all five nails carefully. Then, the last step is by applying the top coat with transparent colors and it is done prettily.

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