Top 5 Special DIY Acrylic Nails To Try At Home

When you are confusing about having a kind of cute nail art, we are sure that the list of DIY acrylic nails could be one of the special matter for you. By creating your own style of nail art, we are sure that it will beautify the look of your finger. Here, we have some great ideas of the special DIY acrylic nails, which you could do in your home. The colorful nail will increase the freshness of your performance. In other hand, we are sure that it will make you have more confidence in attending some important agendas. See some detail example of it below. I hope it will inspire you all.

Calm purple nail art


Purple is one of a beautiful color for everything. Applying purple as the color of the nail art will be a great idea for you. The purplish nail directs you to have an elegant look. This calm purple nail art is one of the DIY acrylic nails concept to be accepted. You could see the image. It is a very simple nail art, which you could do. Here, you just need to block your nail with a calm purple nail polish. Make sure that you do it carefully for the clean and neat result. Make sure that you also has a symmetry nail shape to beautify its look.

Long simple white nail


The long simple white nail is one of the very-easy-to-do DIY acrylic nails, which could be the idea for you. As you could see in the image, you don’t need to do anything except adding the nail extension in your fingers! This idea of nail art is very useful, especially when you want to get the elegant appearance. The long simple white nail could be great matter to be combined with the black or white long dress when you accepting the formal agenda. Make sure that your nail is clean before adding the extension. Besides, you will be free to choose the size of the extension.

Green pattern for short nail


For the active teenage girls, who don’t have many times for nailing, we think that green pattern for short nail could be one of the great idea. Yes, thisspecial DIY acrylic nailsis very easy to do. People could see through the image how cute it is and how simple the nail is! Here, you just need to apply the turquoise green nail polish fully in the fingers. You could use the nail extension, of course. The base idea is a plain turquoise green nail. However, for different result, adding the abstract motif could be the nice idea to do.

Glitter French acrylic nails


The nice combination of white and pink glittered in this nail art idea show a modern look of nail concept. The detail of glitter French acrylic nails will be nice point for girls who want to update their appearance. The process to accept this one of DIY acrylic nails is very simple as it could be seen. For the first, separate the nail into two parts. Color the top nail with the block white nail polish. Make sure that you color it tightly. Then, color the bottom nail with glittered pink nail polish. Do it carefully for getting the neat result in combination.

Plain pink acrylic nails


The plain pink acrylic nails could be the last choice, when you want to have sleek result in applying DIY acrylic nails. As its name, what make this nail art concept special is the plain matter of the appearance. You are able to see the image above that there are nothing occur in the appearance of nail even a glitter! The plain offers sleek and calm result. This special DIY acrylic nailwill be special for teenage who wants to have neutral appearance. It is very appropriate to be applied for natural beautiful lovers. Accept the plain pink nail polish fully in your fingers.

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