Top 5 Wedding Nail Designs For Sacral Moment

Wedding is the kind of sacral moment of life. It is common when woman wants to have a special appearance in their wedding party. Before having wedding, they prepare everything well. They try to do some great matters to show their beauty. One of the trend of wedding make up today is the nail art. The nail art becomes the great choice to show the beauty of fingers. Here, we will deliver some examples of wedding nail designs, which maybe your choice in your wedding day. See the detail examples of great wedding nail designs below. I hope it will inspire you!

Excellent white and blue glittered nail


It is the first great idea of the wedding nail designs, which could be the nice choice, when you want to have sleek look in your finger makeup. The excellent white and blue glittered nail is very nice with the simple and modern result in nailing. You could see the image above. The beautiful white nail polish is accepted in the top of nail. Then, the blue glittered nail is used to make a line as the border between the white nail polish with natural nail. Besides it is nice in result, this idea of nail art is easy to be designed!

Beautiful white flower nail


The second idea of the nice wedding nail designs, which could be the excellent choice, is the beautiful white flower nail. As its name, the power of the wedding nail designs here is the flower motif in the face of nail. The flower beautify the detail nail. People need to know that the flower here has 3D effect, so it will seems real as the look of jasmine. The use of white as the basic color of this nail art also useful to increase the elegant touch in nailing. We are sure that this idea of nail art will make your wedding excellent!

Classical white nail


Still using the white as the basic color, the classical white nail could be the next great idea in beautifying the look of your fingers in wedding party. White is kind of great color that is full of elegant touch. In other hand, the white is also nice as the symbol of purity in your wedding party. Here, this one of the special wedding nail designs could be accepted as your alternative. The idea of nail art is good with the simple ornament in the face of nail and it is combined with the white nail polish in the top of nail. Very well to be chosen!

Glittered blue and pink nail


Glittered blue and pink nail is another kind of the wedding nail designs, which you may choose. For those who want to have a sleek look of the nail art, we are sure that it could be one of the special idea for you. The excellent detail of this idea is the combination of pink polish as the background and the blue glittered as the motif of it. You could see the image above to know the detail. This nail art is very easy to be shaped. People only need to color the nail extension and add the blue glittered to beautify the face of nail.

Bright heart motif nail


The last idea of nail art, which will make the wedding party of you special, is the bright heart motif nail. Yes, it is the special idea of wedding nail designs, which will renew the look of your fingers. See the image above. How special it is! The nails in your finger are sleek, clean and bright. How to do this idea of nail art? Start with applying the nail extensions. Color the extensions with the bright pink in four nails. Then, color a nail using the white color and make a heart motif using the colorful dots.

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