Ways To Remove Acrylic Nails And Examples Of Art

When you want to have a nice look in your fingers, here we have the nail art as the one of the great choice. Yes, nail art now becomes the great trend of teenage girls, who want to renew their appearance with more beautiful look. Some kinds of the nail art are available and you could choose it. The one of the most favorite is the acrylic nail. Here, we will talk about some examples of it and the ways to remove acrylic nails. Actually, the way to remove it is very easy. You only need hair spray or nails remove to clean your nails up. Now, see some example of great nail arts below.

Floral acrylic nail


The floral acrylic nail becomes the first idea when you want to have a sleek look of nail art. After knowing the ways to remove acrylic nails, we could see that this nail art could be the well choice for you. Combination of soft color directs you to have modern class of nail art. We could see the image above and value how beautiful it is! Here you could use the medium nail extension. Color three nail with the dark-grey-plain nail polish. Then, accept the great flower motif in the two other fingers. This nail idea is good to be used in formal agenda.

Natural plain nail


Sometimes, woman don’t want to have the hard ways to remove acrylic nails. Well, you could accept the natural plain nail. It is one of the great acrylic nails, which is simple with the plain matter there. In the image above, we could see that this nail art has no motif in the appearance. The gel color of the nail art offers the high calmness in beautifying the fingers. The idea of nail art is great because you are not only easy to remove the polish of the nail but also easy to accept it in your fingers. For the elegant teenage girl, it could be the well choice!

Colorful acrylic nail with unique motif


Another idea of the great acrylic nails is the colorful acrylic nail with unique motif. As you could see the image above, the power of this nail idea is in the color of it. The nail art is excellent with the bright color combination each finger. In other hand, the nail art is also excellent because it has the unique abstract motif there. We are sure that it is able to renew the expression of you. Although it needs special technique in applying the concept, in the way to remove acrylic nails, you only need to rub the face of nail using the nail remover carefully.

Special anime motif nail


Special anime motif nail becomes another choice of the well acrylic nails, which will be nice idea for you. Getting the nail art with the anime motif is nice with the high aesthetic touch. In the image above, the example of girl-anime motif delivers a sleek look of nail art. In the example above, the sleek look of the image, make the fingers looks very nice and different with the other nail art. We are sure that it will make other amazes with your nail style. Here you could use the nail extension with the nail sticker. How to remove acrylic nails with this idea? Of course, it will be easier than the common nail style. Just remove the sticker!

Pinky white glittered nail


The pinky white glittered nail becomes the last choice of the great nail idea, when you want to have a nice nail art. This idea of the acrylic nail is excellent with the nice collaboration of white and pink in glittered effect. You could see the image above. Part of nail show the beautiful and elegance of the nail concept. To shape the nail with this idea, you only need to separate the nail into two parts. Color the lower nail with pink glittered polish nail and the top with white glittered one. However, you will have longer time in ways to remove acrylic nails because of the glittered effect.

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